Issue 001

Issue No: 001


 Welcome to our very first newsletter which we hope you will find entertaining, interesting and useful to developing your on-line business.

You may wonder why we used the word ‘entertaining’ in the opening sentence of our

Introduction, simply because we believe that if it’s not fun then why would anyone want to do it!

Go get a JOB!

No thanks; we have learnt an extremely simple but all so often overlooked principle:’that if you want change, then you have to take action!

Let me first of all introduce the guys behind ‘The Internet Millionaires Club Newsletter’ we are two regular (pretty average) guys from a small city Preston in Lancashire, UK.

Firstly we have Paul Barber who is the techie partner behind all the wizardry and myself Michael Bury, we are both married to Janet and Joanne respectively and amazingly we both enjoy the joys of three children.

Paul is father to Robin (23), Richard (20) & Alec (12) whilst I am responsible for Grace (17), Jack (15) & Maddie (12).

So as you can see, we both have a huge responsibility to prepare, provide, advise and hopefully guide our children in the opportunities available to them in these exciting times.

We believe that they should be encouraged to think for themselves, question why they should do something, not just because their parents say so – sound familiar!

Guess what?

The worlds changed it is constantly changing. Hence this newsletter we want to share our knowledge, interest and develop our skills, to assist and help others who have the determination and courage to be different – welcome to you all and here’s to the future.


  • That’s what it’s all about, are we entering the next Industrial Revolution?
  • Have we got huge opportunities available to make cash, earn a living when, where and how we like?

Internet Marketing requires a certain amount of character and individuality and is most probably not for everyone, discipline is key when dealing with frustrating and tedious issues but as in all businesses; systems are required to ensure you meet your goals.

The internet develops on a minute-minute basis nothing stands still, if you just consider that the majority of our parents would have started their working careers and the majority would more or less have been in the same employment for life.

Not any more!

It is more than likely we and our children will be on short term contracts or more than likely be encouraged to join the self employed market – not a bad thing!

Our background is the construction industry and in recent times we have moved into the ‘buy to let’ property business as private landlords. No doubt you may very well know someone who has also followed the same path or indeed you may even be a landlord.

Great business however lots of people have got carried away with popular TV programs which have encouraged lots of amateurs to enter the market. Unfortunately it’s sad to report that far too many people have suffered financial losses.

I guess when you compare a traditional start up business to one with an on-line presence the financial risks are mitigated in our favour.


Affiliate sales may be your niche which you want to get involved in and it’s fair to say that their are several people making a decent living out of this. A simple analogy is to draw a comparison that being an affiliate is offering a manufacturer or supplier your services to sell their goods on a ‘no sale no fee basis.’ Previously, traditional businesses would have employed you, paid a basic salary, supplied you with the trademark Vauxhall or Ford car and sent you out into the tough world.

Well hello – no requirement for business owners to invest all this cash, just sign up affiliates and cut them a significant margin of the sale price. That’s got to be a no brainier for most business owners- hasn’t it?


The market is fierce in the tablet wars, Amazon have recently launched The Kindle Fire to attack what most would consider Apples apparent domination of this niche with their iPad2 soon to be replaced with the iPad3 but at a price.

Only available in the US at the present when are they going to release into Europe? According to some of the forums Amazon are ironing out the bugs and tweaking it in readiness for imminent release.

You can purchase one if you don’t want to wait so I did, it arrived last week and first impressions are for the cash $199 it’s great value when up against the iPad2. Negatives I got charged import tax of £42.00 (Great Britain just loves a bite of the pie!).

Quick review of the Fire: it feels good and appears to be a quality manufactured product, strangely enough when it arrived in the post, it arrived on it’s own – no paper manual or instructions! Clever move really from Amazon, very simple to navigate around and as you’d expect within the unit are fully detailed operating instructions.

One of the cool things that you can do is to pre-order books through your Amazon account and when you receive the Kindle Fire they are automatically installed when you first boot the Fire up. As you would expect, Amazon have created the facility to have more than one Kindle on your account so sharing is simplified.

Some of the features which are available are email (it allows you to import your contacts list), browsing the web, photo library, obviously reading but unfortunately not with the e-ink feature which will make it difficult in bright sunshine, but it is a colour screen.

Amazon allegedly are selling the Kindle Fire at a loss, well at least in the US, lets wait and see what price they put on the UK and Europe market but this is the kicker – they are looking to ‘up sell’ to their list!

Sound familiar?

Give your best stuff away for free, capture an email address and ‘up sell’ afterwards once you have gained the respect of your prospect.

They have launched ‘Prime’ which effectively is a subscription of around $79 per year which allows unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, music and a Kindle book to borrow for free each month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – clever move from Amazon I think!

However because I have got one in the UK this feature isn’t supported (yet!), sent email to Amazon and they explained the legal issues etc.

How can they sell something even in the US which is not supported throughout the world when you have to access the internet? I have researched the forums and as you would expect it’s apparent that others have found a way around this – WIP.

The annoying things is when you first register your Kindle Fire, Amazon give you one months free connection – cute move again, the lesson I have learnt is look at the market leaders and simply copy them.

If you’re still not convinced in the power of on-line marketing and sales, recent figures published indicate that sales have increased by over 14% last year to over £50bn with predictions that these sales are going to knock the high street even further.

Customers average purchases were around £1,400 and listen to this figure: the internet accounted for approximately 12% of total spending the highest in Europe.

Further stats included Germany 9%, Switzerland 8.7%, Norway 8.1%, Italy 1.3% and Poland 3.1% so we believe that these figures are going one way and one way only – time to get on the bus!

SOURCE LEP 19.01.12

For those of you based in the North West we hold a monthly meeting in Manchester generally the third Friday in the month where we invite like-minded Internet marketers along to network to share and develop their businesses.

While still early days we held a successful meeting Friday 20thJanuary and had some useful discussions along with a pleasant lunch.

Next meeting booked for Friday 24th February 2012 see the link below for further in both:

 Do not settle for mediocrity-it is your life!