To this month’s newsletter as Christmas is just a few weeks off our on-line businesses may very well take a drop in sales, whilst it can be frustrating it’s also an opportunity to refresh our sales pages and offers in anticipation of a flying start in 2013.


Starbucks, Amazon & Google – Corporation Tax.

Latest news in the UK are the revelations about multi national companies using ‘tax avoidance schemes’ to restrict their liability. Morality issues……………ha! You must be joking, these are businesses out to screw everyone, guess they would even turn their own parents over to make a dime.

Why do we put up with it?

I would suggest that the whole of the UK boycotts their products for a full 30 days……remember the petrol price war! (for UK based people!)

No matter what are politicians say [and who would ever believe them in any event, they are probably on the board of this type of business, snouts in trough!].

Wouldn’t that be powerful………………people power!

Who remembers Citizen Smith? Check it out here for a laugh.

Seriously though, we the little man pays our taxes, let’s ensure that companies that trade in the UK and make several million dollars profit pay there fair share.


4G Superfast Connection

Not sure if it’s just me, seems that EE have gone quiet over 4G, not impressed how they marketed it in the first place, do they think that we will continue to through more and more cash at them!

Would be interested to hear from any subscribers who have actually bit the bullet and signed up, you know actual real time download speed, is it noticeable, connectivity etc……let us know.


Internet Marketing

Well after much deliberation we have taken the plunge and signed up for a mentorship, Dean Holland based in Nottingham, UK and his promise is that after six months you will be making serious cash from marketing IM products to your own list.

Dean actually signed up with Alex Jeffrey’s, check him out here, another Brit, well to me it does bode well that we can make it just like the Americans, well done guys and thanks for sharing your expertise. We shall keep you posted on our development.

For far too long we have reviewed ‘gurus’ who promised big deals with their fantastic sales pages designed to entice you/us to part with lots of cash, only the results do not follow.

It’s unfortunate but with all businesses you will always get the wide boys, all they are after is your hard earned cash and really they don’t give a stuff about you or me, harsh lesson to learn!

Lets go public, we have been scratching the surface of IM since 2009 [embarrassing as it is!] and after we completed Ed Dale’s ’The Challenge’ to make a dollar on-line, which as it happens we did relatively easily we appear to have stalled (other than driving traffic to our offline businesses and helping others) ……………the answer maybe then is to sign up to a mentorship, lets ask the questions of those who have achieved it, want to know more about Dean Holland check him out here.


Apple just keeps on getting better!

How cool is the Apple brand?

Recent reports state that Apple have knocked Aston Martin off its title as the coolest brand………………not sure that I would agree!

Apple having recently launched the iPhone5 which has become one of the most sought after gadgets took the top spot relegating Aston Martin to No3 [can’t be any truth in this surely!].

Would you believe YouTube is No2…………I was surprised to say the least, it just goes to demonstrate the importance of video and as internet marketers it firmly says to me the requirement to use this platform for our respective businesses?



Google have recently announced that they are to implement charges to small businesses for their gmail account which were previously free to everyone.

It has been noted that Google were looking for alternative sources of income rather than depend wholly on advertisements and this is a surprise move, but it will offer the business user much larger storage space for emails and a 24 hour support service the cost…… an annual fee of £33.00

The reason given for this move became apparent after the latest financial results revealed that the average cost that firms paid Google every time a customer clicked on one of their ads was 15% lower than the same quarter last year.

This in turn sent their shares down by £15bn after the group reported revenues were down by 20% for the same period.

Free accounts will still be available for the individual, but the question could be: is this the thin end of the wedge?


On-line Dating

Apparently on-line dating is the boom industry worth a credible £170m in the UK alone, perhaps its time we got into this phenomenon could be interesting as well as making some serious cash.

As we all tend to lead busy lives it has become so much harder to meet someone to share our lives with and as we are all aware the internet is wide reaching and can open up far greater opportunities than the local pub or club.

I guess like with any niche opportunities are there for all and it’s a free market…………….to be continued!!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind traveling] we have our monthly IM meet up which just happens to be a Christmas party theme, really just an excuse to have a chat and a few drinks arranged for  Friday December 14th 2012 at Dukes 92 Manchester


Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [great Lancashire grub, you don’t have to eat, shame though if you don’t] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

Click here for location.

The Internet Millionaires Club



To this months newsletter and inside we have some interesting news on new developments and opportunities to develop our business, we believe more people are waking upto the fact the internet is here to stay and as such social media is becoming a huge marketing factor for all business owners.

So as we all know it’s a question of when we sign upto it, not if!


Can Pinterest Inspire You to Write More Blog Posts

For those who don’t really know what Pinterest is about well really it’s all about sharing photos showing interesting and fun things, it should also become part of your toolkit for marketing your business.

Whilst it is a relative new form of social media it can be a place for inspiration if you are a blogger, at times we all need fresh ideas and here on Pinterest every picture is a potential article.

Like all the new social media sites there are good ways and bad ways to get the most out of it. It is not all intuitive.

Never fear we have a solution for you! In the form of a free Ebook.

Pinterest Beginners Guide Ebook

This should get you going and open your eyes to what it is all about and how to go about it.

Enter your email below and we will send you a free copy!

Now check your emails to confirm your request and you will be taken right to the download page.

If you want more Ebooks, and Videos to boot, then for just $4.97 they are yours by clicking the buy now button below.

Getting Started with Pinterest Package

What you get are 4 Ebooks

  • Getting Started with Pinterest
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  • Getting Started with Pinterest (4 short Videos)
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Great Value so click below and buy now before the offer is withdrawn at only $4.97.



Twitter is gaining more credibility day on day and as any marketer knows this form of social media is extremely powerful and we can learn lots of tips in our chosen niches.

It is an opportunity also for us all to gain credibility and become an ‘expert’ in our niche by offering great content and tips.

‘Hootsuite’ is an awesome powerful piece of software which enables you to file in separate folders different tweets for niches, enables you to post tweets automated just like aweber…………….very cool!

Check out here for more info.


Internet Piracy

Warning letters are to be issued to those who download music, movies or e-Books illegally with the ultimate threat of legal action being taken for copyright theft.

The new action will also take the stance that ‘individuals will be deemed to be guilty until proven innocent’ which will come into effect early 2014.

Make no mistake that they mean business they will have the power to ‘cap your service’ or in certain cases ‘cut it off’…………….sounds harsh but we have been warned that sooner or later that they would do whatever they could to stop this activity.

If you are accused you will have to pay a fee of £20.00 regardless of whether or not you are guilty to an Ofcom body to appeal this allegation.

If you choose not to appeal this could have a detrimental effect of your ability to either maintain an internet connection or upgrade to a faster service.


Cost of buying offline.

Recent reports state that some high street stores are charging some of their customer’s upto 4 times more for popular goods such as DVD’s, CD’s & video games. The survey which was carried out by TalkTalk and the Centre of Economics and Business Research team made a selection of 50 goods.

The study discovered that the average high street price for entertainment goods were 124% higher than on-line. The fundamental reason for this is that on-line retailers are not bearing huge overheads for business premises in prime retail sites together with staffing issues etc.

A warehouse on an industrial site together with a fork lift truck and a few operatives working shifts will sort it.

The biggest cash differences were noted in electrical goods such as ………

i)                    Zanussi dishwasher from Comet was priced at £330.00 and was available on-line at £237.00 dearer by £93.00

ii)                   Hotpoint electric cooker £500.00  from Argos yet on the same website above it was available for £364  saving a massive £136.00

What this demonstrates to me is that these examples confirm [surely it has to make our businesses easier] that the Internet is definitely here to stay and the high street as we know it is in for a rough ride!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK  [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] we have our monthly IM meet up arranged for this Friday November 16th 2012 at Dukes 92 Manchester

Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [great Lancashire grub, you don’t have to eat, shame though if you don’tL] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

Click here for location.

The Internet Millionaires Club

Issue No: 009



To our monthly newsletter we hope that things have settled down after our amazing summer in the UK, lets not even talk about the weather, how many weeks until Christmas [not working on days just yet!].

With the Christmas period coming up, this gives us all the opportunity to market our businesses and make a heap of cash, so best of luck to you all.



Finally Google has decided to launch their all new “disavow links” tool.

We shouldn’t be surprised that sooner or later Google would put a stop to automated links with little or no relevance. Google’s Matt Cutts [he’s the head man for the web spam team] announced the launch of the new tool at the Pubcon conference this week.

Read the full post here

It could be one if not the most relevant short blog post you’ll read this year.



Finally Amazon have released the Kindle Fire to the UK market priced from £129.00

I’ve had my Kindle Fire for a few weeks now and reading books and PDF’s on it is really cool however, the screen whilst it’s very good, sharp and crisp it  really doesn’t match the original Kindle in respect of reading in sunlight and fingerprints.

Purchasing books from Amazon and syncing with other Kindle accounts is as you would expect seamless and works effectively.

One really nice touch though is being able to see the covers in colour and see the book titles at the top of each page.

You can browse the web, email, keep your photos and of course watch videos, movies pretty cool piece of kit which delivers more choice to the consumer.

Check out here for more info.


iPhone 5

So as previously anticipated Apple have launched their new iPhone 5 to their hungry market, we can all marvel at their premier marketing team-surely the one to emulate!

Some of the features which we can expect from the new iPhone 5 are an 8-megapixel camera, iOS6 operating system and probably one of the thinnest and lightest phones on the market.

Click here for more information.


4G Mobile

Fantastic news for those of us in the UK we are going to get 4G – fan-bl**dy-tastic, well those who have the most upto date phones will at least.

According to reports this should be with us before the end of the year  J .

We are expecting speeds of between 5-7 times faster……………how will we cope?   J J

What we are shocked at though are the reports that the iphone 5 will not be compatible…….WTH!

Could be an awful lot of disappointed customers! L L


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] we have our monthly IM meet up arranged for this Friday October 19th 2012 at Dukes 92 Manchester

Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [great Lancashire grub, you don’t have to eat, shame though if you don’t opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

Click here for location.


After an absolutely awesome summer of Olympics and Paralympics it just goes to show what we can achieve when we set our minds to it, the inspiration, dedication and self sacrifice from all athletes is a lesson to us all……………….congratulations.

To all participants I just wish that they were financially rewarded, I heard a suggestion that the premiership footballers ought to donate one months salary to them, then try to adhere to their training schedule ie: six days a week, no booze and a disciplined diet……………that should increase their performance [on a personal note I thought the football teams performance let down team GB].

Well now that normality has returned to the UK we can concentrate on our respective businesses and look forward to reaping the rewards of our efforts.


We were recently invited to attend a meeting of business owners [for a nominal £24.00/each fee which includes a 60 day membership] at the Reebok stadium this was hosted by Nigel Botterill [makes membership of The Manchester meet up look great value!] who is offering mentorship as a monthly membership to business owners who wish to grow their businesses and become market leaders.

What I find extremely interesting is the fact that probably the biggest single factor in business today are businesses offering to take you by the hand and teach you the most profitable methods.

Nigel’s full day event is something that you may wish to look into, as is the case in most of these it won’t appeal to all but if its what your looking for, well it could be worthwhile having a look [for the record this isn’t an affiliate link, just free info].



I recently read a report that pointed out the fact that the music you buy/download from iTunes is not in actual fact something you own!

Bruce Willis is reportedly considering legal action against Apple over his intention to leave his digital music to his daughters, the fact is he like you and I are technically just borrowing he music and we have no right of ownership.

Strange how we seem to get sucked in to these things then get shafted, let’s hope he succeeds in his petition against the big bad Apple.


iPhone 5

Talking of Apple they have [as predicted finally launched the iPhone 5 due out in the UK from late September [I shall not be queuing outside the local store with my credit card] early indications are that the starting price of $199 [£124] in the US. Prices have yet to be confirmed for the UK.

Apple is reported recently to be the ‘most valuable public company in history’

This is most likely due to their marketing expertise is releasing models such as the iPad 3 and holding back on the new iPhone 5…………..perhaps this is a fantastic lesson in market leadership.


Lets hope that the British government will now take to task the plight that we as entrepreneurs are the back bone to the economy and actually do something positive and constructive to get Great Britain back on it’s feet. For too long we have had this doom and gloom from Westminster [and the bank/ers] and now is the time to be brave and take chances, yes chances, we have to fail to succeed!

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] we have our monthly IM meet up arranged for this Friday September 21st 2012 at Dukes 92 Manchester

Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch [great food] from 13.30 [you don’t have to eat, shame though if not L] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.


Well as we are more or less through the summer [some may wonder when we actually had one!] things should be getting back to normal its interesting to look at what’s happening on the internet.

As previously stated the concept of using your mobile as a digital wallet is gathering more followers and it is expected to reach $617 billion worldwide by 2016 which is nearly six times the increase from last year at $105 billion [has reported by research firm Gartner Inc].

Such is the business that banks and credit card firms are looking to partner with software developers to further market this phenomena.


So as previously suggested it would appear that the share value of Facebook has taken a significant hit.

As you have no doubt heard, allegations have been made and threats of legal action had been made against NASDAQ due to their poor performance in handling the flotation.

Banking giant UBS claims that the launch has cost them in excess of £227m due to a glitch in the NASDAQ computer system. NASDAQ is expected to contest the claim but has set aside £25m for any successful compensation claims which are successful.

I guess in the end the lawyers will be the winners!


After long deliberations considering the benefits of using twitter I have taken the plunge and started making tweets.

And I have to say it is remarkable how many more followers you get once you start tweeting and at the end of the day it’s all about market leadership and if I can develop my respective businesses well keep on tweeting.

Linked in

I’ve also started posting on LinkedIn which I am using to market our commercial office space and luxury apartments for rent.

Hopefully this to be paid dividends in securing tenants without paying letting agents fees.

Smart phones

It is reported that Android Smartphones have outsold Apple iPhones by 4 times and China will soon double the US in number of smartphones purchased.



Thought for today:

Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement. – C S Lewis [British scholar & novelist].



Paul’s Ponderings

I have recently reviewed a product called “Commission Cash Code” by Blake Mathews.

This is a product being offered on Clicksure (Clickbank alternate for affiliate promotions) and is very well promoted and I understand selling very well.

I encourage you to go and have a look at the sales videos and see what a great sales pitch he does, but come straight back here before you buy anything!

Commission Cash Code Sale page

You will have noticed as you tried to get out all the offers and steps you have to go through.

I thought it was a great sales pitch, all the sales elements there starting with meeting your desire to make Money on the internet (quickly and easily!!), time limit on accepting the offer, scarcity, money back guarantee etc etc. How can you lose?

Well, the number of upsells is ridiculous! (I turned them all down as I wanted to know what the product was (you’ll notice that gets skipped in the sales pitch!)) that when I finally got to the end, I wish I had not bothered.

But undeterred I logged into the site. Not easy to follow, not sure where to start, watch the one and only training video this was short, poor quality and lacking in any real information.

When I finally got my head round it, it would appear that you insert some code on you Facebook profile and spam your friends with adverts for products (which you chose and so it might not be spam, just to way I see it) and when they visit the site the codes tell all their mates and spams them etc.

You may have guessed that I was not impressed. Facebook, for me is private and I will not be using it to sell to my friends. If however you are into marketing via Facebook (false profile perhaps?) then perhaps it could be for you. Be prepared for all the upsells and the 3 or 4 times daily that Blake sends you emails with more sales pitchs.

Commission Cash Code by Blake Mathews

Next month, Google Sniper 2 by George Brown is doing the rounds again.







Apologies for the late issue of this newsletter, we have a property which has been lying dormant for a few years and we took [well I was told to get my overalls on] the initiative to ‘take action’ ie: ‘get on our bikes’ and get the property completed to enable us to market it so to speak………thanks to Norman Tebbit – sometimes politicians do actually talk sense!

Therefore we can proudly confirm that our new tenant took possession Friday 29 June & we have succeeded in turning our long term liability into a long term asset……embarrassing though we should have taken action years ago, I acknowledge that I have learnt a lesson!


This article made me smile, Apple have had to pay out £40m to a Chinese company called Proview who manufacture monitors over a trademark issue in respect of its iPad tablet.

Seems like the business was on its knees so I am sure that this cash injection has certainly made the directors pretty happy……………only wish I could have thought of something to trademark!


As technology continues to develop look out for an app which RBS have developed which will allow you to withdraw upto £100 using similar technology as you would if you use on-line banking ie: they would text you a six digit number to tap into your mobile.

Seems they are following Barclay’s example………….!


Talking about Barclay’s it would appear that Apple are being investigated by the US government into an alleged ‘price fixing’ of e-books.

It is alleged that Apple in an attempt at securing market leadership against its major rival Amazon have conspired with some publishing houses to fix the price of e-books………………….it would appear that not only the banks are attempting to cheat their customers!

Shame on them all!!!!!!


From Newbie to Millionaire.

 Are you willing to invest in $49? If not well fair enough we wish you well with your internet business.

If on the other hand you are looking to ‘actually make money on-line’ then we have to tell you about Christine Claydon.

As you would expect [AIDA] this is a limited offer and comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee. What she has done is written a comprehensive manual on how to actually make money on-line, no false promises just straight forward simple methods to follow.

I have copied some testimonials for her book:

  1. 1.     ‘This is not just any book but it is actually an ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR Internet Marketing! 
    In my opinion anyone who has the intention to start their online business must have this.
    You will be presented with a VERY VALUABLE 506 pages content packed e-book and 293 minutes videos tutorial covering almost everything there is about IM.
    Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer, this book will definitely be useful for you.

    Oh yes, and for the price she’s charging now, it is actually way, way, way too cheap!
    If this is my product, I will be charging you at least $197 and $47’


  1. ‘I must admit that this is one of those rare products that I don’t know how to review it – as it was totally unlike anything I’ve seen before.

    This really is a one-stop guide for anyone new to Internet Marketing to help to figure all this stuff out. You just take these 500 pages and work your way through them (slowly and methodologically) and you’ll have a total Internet Marketing education.

    What many new marketers don’t realise is that there really is an awful lot to learn if you want to be able to compete in the Internet Marketing field in any fashion. The learning never stops of course, but if you can follow Christine’s guidance you’ll be well ahead of the curve.

    There’s only one reason when I could suggest you don’t buy this e-book. And that’s because you may want to acquire the full professional printed manual from Amazon so that you can proudly display it on your shelf. This is too good to just keep as an e-book!


I guess what I am saying is that rather than write further reviews we would recommend that you take a look yourself at here and make your own mind up and good luck in whatever you choose to do.


The Internet Millionaires Club


Issue No: 005



So the big news is that Facebook have recently issued their £65 billion flotation – now is the time the investors want their return on their investments!

However just days after the launch some investors are reportedly down as much as 25% and this is bearing in mind that on the actual date of launch Facebook’s lead underwriter Morgan Stanley had to step in buying extra stock to protect the offering price.

Some may say that underwriters originally overvalued the stock and over the last week end their was plenty of negative media coverage which it would appear has had an effect of the share value dropping as low as £20.88 from a high of more than £28.00

Does this now mean we will be inundated with more commercial ads in an attempt to get our cash, from a personal view I have never bought from one of these, when I go on it’s for a specific purpose not to purchase goods- maybe I am not the average user of FB!

Interestingly enough GM has pulled their adverts apparently they didn’t seem to be converting to orders either.

Like anything the market will settle and find its own value, time as always will tell the story!

So what does Mr Mark Zuckerberg do when all this is going on?

Gets married to his long suffering girlfriend Priscilla Chan and as we have come to expect from Mark it was a private and extremely  low key affair considering his wealth, pity some ‘A’ listers don’t follow his example.


‘Tap & Go’

A revolution in shopping is the ability to pay for goods or services through any mobile phone which has recently been launched which will allow payment for small items upto a value of around £15.00.

tap and go

Tap and Go

You attach a small PayTag (about a third of the size of a traditional card) to the back of your mobile and to make a payment you would simply tap the phone at a specific till. This transaction will then require a PIN to authenticate and as you would expect it is protected 100% against fraudulent activity.

At present it is being supplied via Barclaycard but it’s expected that the other major banks will follow suit and as this becomes an acceptable way to pay for goods more retailers will embrace the technology. These typically will join the likes of the main supermarkets, McDonalds and London buses which have introduced or are planning to introduce these facilities.

Carl Schelble, the MD of PayPal has predicted that more consumers will continue to use technology such as Tag & Go through our mobiles which will further negate the necessity of carrying a wallet or cash.

Keep up to date at our site Tap and Go, which will be launched soon.


Shopping Sherlock

Recent major developments have taken place at ‘My Shopping Genie’ and the business has been bought by Michael Weidder who is the CEO and founder of ‘Best In U’ and totally re-branded as the ‘Shopping Sherlock’.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Shopping Sherlock, well very simply its fast, it’s easy and best of all its free!

This free App is an alternative to sites such as ‘go compare’, ‘ money supermarket’ etc the difference being that  Shopping Sherlock searches the ‘whole’ of the internet to find you the best available price.

Shopping Sherlock is an innovative online shopping App that instantly finds the best deals and lowest prices on millions of products. This deal is sure to catapult the business into overdrive, for those who want to take control of their lives.

We shall keep you posted on further updates on Shopping Sherlock.

Want to know more check out the video in the attached link:  Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock


Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Well as we are now enjoying the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations lets hope for at least some dry weather so we can enjoy this awesome spectacle. No matter whether you agree with the Royal Family or not surely for a woman aged 86 to still conduct herself in public office is a remarkable achievement, something we should all congratulate her on and with that I for one wish her my best wishes for the festivities.


 HTC One X

 Well since the last issue I have been looking at my replacement mobile and I have got to say I think Apple is falling behind. Nothing lasts forever, have they become complacent expecting their loyal followers to wait for the next upgrade?

As we are all aware Apple have recently launched the iPad 3 in doing so, have they concentrated on the tablet market at the expense of their mobile clients?

In my case I think so.

I don’t believe its worthwhile upgrading to the iPhone 4S & no-one is saying when the iPhone 5 will be launched if at all this year pure speculation, so I am seriously considering the HTC One X.


 this is a serious piece of kit and one of the things which appeals is the screen size a huge 4.7” and a gorgeous design and its smaller than the Samsung Note (just too big, have you actually seen one?).

The phone comes with 32GB and if that’s not enough they have negotiated a deal with Dropbox for a further 25GB when you register your phone.

 The One X gives its competitors a good run for their money, the handset is a work of beauty utilizing top quality materials together with ICS OS and an 8 mega pixel camera which enables you to take pictures whilst shooting a video.

I guess the killer will be battery life, like all new smart phones this seems to be the thing that mostly irritates us, but ultimately if we want small hand held devices to surf the web, text and even make phone calls well this is the price we have to pay.


For those of you who don’t know about Dropbox check it out, this is a really useful piece of free software for anyone’s business or just for backing up your PC.

Click here for free Dropbox account

Spam Emails

Time has got to be the most precious asset for all of us, how much of this valuable asset is wasted on spammers who constantly bombard us with emails which we haven’t subscribed for and neither do we want.

Everyday I seem to have more of this trash and it annoys me intensely that even with my filters spammers still seem to get through and I have to manually dump them yet again.

I would just love to be able to return this crap back to those who create it x 1,000,000

My Shopping Genie

If you haven’t heard of My Shopping Genie yet well, this is a free app which will save you time and money guaranteed.

How can anyone not be interested in something which is free and will save anyone time and money?

My Shopping Genie
My Shopping Genie

When you are looking to buy something from the internet traditionally we would type in the appropriate keyword and hit return relying on Google to bring the product up before our eyes. All good and well but as we all know the sites that are displayed are not necessarily the best prices but the best marketers.

Well My Shopping Genie will search the whole of the web and return the best prices at that time for whatever you want.

There is also a business opportunity for those of us who are interested whereby we give away the free apps and earn commission whenever our apps are used to purchase goods.

And just released is the G2Gamers link which is available from the Genie which opens up the whole gaming application industry which as you can appreciate is a huge and ever growing business.

This also creates an opportunity to earn commission want to know more check out the video in the attached link:

Paul’s Ponderings

I get asked quite allot, which is the best product or course for someone who is just getting Started. Is that you?

I don’t that time to review all the courses that are available, and more are getting released all the time, and quite often these are just re-jigs of someone else’s course (especially the cheap ones on the Warrior Forum!)

The best place to start has to be The Challenge, which is a free course that has been going for 6 or 7 years now (used to be called the 30 Day Challenge). This is run by a bunch of well known Internet Marketers Including, Ed Dale, Guru Bob, Dan Raine and many others.

Don’t let the fact it is a free course in anyway make you think it is inferior. It is not. High quality in depth video tuition. The aim is for you to make $1 by the time you finish. Not a great target you might think, but it is your first dollar, you know the basics and you can move on from there.

Don’t feel too sorry for these chaps doing all this for free. You will sign up for various free trials of software which will become paid software if you continue and you will have signed up through their affiliate links!

If you still want a paid course well you can learn the basics and get stuck in straight away, I still think Andrew Hansen & Josh Stanton Unstoppable Affiliate course is the way to go.

There are no discounts or coupons available but if you sign up through our link we will spend some time coaching you, giving you targets and generally chase you along.

What ever you do, remain focused. Ignore the next shiny new tool (especially if it promises untold riches at the press of a button, all for $47!)

God Bless and Good luck.




The Challenge

Unstoppable Affiliate This link will give you a $1 dollar trial (send me an email copy of the paypal receipt so I can start the coaching J ) or to read more Barbury Internet Marketing Review.

Finally to read more about My Shopping Genie check out Try My Shopping Genie



Well whatever you have planned for this weekend have a good one, seems like we had the best of the weather last week (at least in the UK) most likely this week end will consist of wind, rain and perhaps even snow for some  – strange weather!

I guess the main thing at times like this is to spend some time with your loved ones, get away for a few days and chill out, whatever you decide, we hope you have a fantastic break and extended holiday!

Just read an article on shopping ie: the old traditional method you remember, the high street which used to be full of shops and people with money to spend. No surprises then, due to the current economic climate that things have changed. When you consider basic overheads such as rents, business rates, heat, light, insurance and probably the biggest kicker staff costs!

Most of the high streets in the UK are populated with empty premises which attract numerous charity shops (at least the landlords get off their business rates) and various different types of people begging etc.

The local chavs looking for whatever and then there is the issue of how do you actually get to your local town centre. If you can still afford to buy petrol (again that is if there is still availability) you may choose to drive and then pay extortionate car parking fees – why would any sane person wish to do this?

Or alternatively you may choose to stay at home, switch on your PC and surf the web, no hassle: drink coffee even listen to the radio. Simple stats tell us that the internet market is definitely the only way forward; can you really see any other option?

Another huge dilemma I have is what to replace my iPhone 3GS with, which is up for renewal next month, do I go for the straight replacement the iPhone 4S or wait for the iPhone 5 (assume that this will probably be launched later this year) alternatively jump ship altogether and plug for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note?

The question is after all, what do I want?

With all the features that smartphones come with, really what do we use, are they just expensive ‘must have gadgets’?

Probably is what you are most likely saying.

Samsung Galaxy S11
Samsung Galaxy S11



The Samsung is priced at £499.00 unless you opt to sign a contract which will more than likely be pitched at 18-24 months.


The Samsung Note is huge it comes with 5.3 inch screen and I guess you could look pretty silly actually using it in public as a phone. But as its predecessor the Galaxy S II its very light at 178g.

So Samsung’s Galaxy Note is gorgeous but it’s overall size to me is probably its downfall, I would say it’s just not practical as an everyday phone. It’s just too big when there are far more versatile smart phones available. WIP!


Raspberry Pi

This is a credit card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard which is available now.  It will run Linux and should be able to do pretty much “everyday” computing tasRasberry Piks such as spreadsheets, word processing, games and still run 1080p video for just under £30.00 for the model B.

How cheap for a computer!

The idea behind the Raspberry Pi is to offer a device that will inspire the imagination of aspiring programmers.  This certainly is worth a look for those of you who wish to develop pretty cool programs and interactive devices for an affordable base and it’s British.



Issue No: 002


Apple iPad 3 Date Released March 7th

So Apple have finally announced the much anticipated launch date of its next version of its mega successful market leading tablet: the iPad 3 which we have all been anxiously waiting for.

We haven’t seen any dates for Europe yet we can only assume that Apple will release first to the USA market and hopefully distribution to the UK & Europe will follow maybe a month or so later.

Pricing as far as we have seen will be $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model which is comparable to the iPad 2 together  with the same 32 and 64GB Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G options to be available.

As expected Apple are taking their competitors seriously with this aggressive pricing strategy which has got to be to the benefit of us their customers!

Apparently the resolution is much improved with more pixels which will load videos almost instantaneously due to addition of enhanced graphics.

Further features expected are a form factor 1mm thicker than the iPad 2 with the extra internal space for the new display, an A6 quad-core CPU and improved optics for the rear-mounted camera.

Apple iPhone 5

Whilst we are on  the subject of Apple the iPhone 5 is anticipated later this year possibly as late as October  which as you would expect would be the ideal time for the Christmas rush – unfortunately I will have to wait until then as I don’t see the point in upgrading to the iPhone 4S.

Pitch Anything – Oren Klaff

Possibly the book of the decade a must read for all those who sell!

An in depth book on the psychology of how the brain works and how to ensure that you stack the odds in your favour, no matter what you are

What Oren does is explain how to present your idea to ensure your prospect is intrigued and ultimately signs up to your offer.

One of his gems is to tell a story as opposed to pitch numbers or logic – have fun!

For our market I can’t recommend Pitch Anything highly enough – if nothing else, Oren will entertain you with his stories.


Paul Ponderings.

Just a quick note of a free resource for people wanting to do build content clusters or just need hosting for a simple blog.

Free Hosting, what’s the catch? Well does not appear to be one. You are limited on band width and Web Space to 100mb. There is also a set up fee of £12.95, but the free hosting is for life.

They work on the assumption that you will outgrow the free account at some point and because of there good service you will upgrade to a paid account, so giving you best stuff away for free type scenario.

Check it out and see what you think.


 ‘Ability is what you are capable of doing: motivation determines what you do: Attitude determines how well you do it’.

Lou Holtx

‘Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference’.

Sir Winston Churchill.