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So the big news is that Facebook have recently issued their £65 billion flotation – now is the time the investors want their return on their investments!

However just days after the launch some investors are reportedly down as much as 25% and this is bearing in mind that on the actual date of launch Facebook’s lead underwriter Morgan Stanley had to step in buying extra stock to protect the offering price.

Some may say that underwriters originally overvalued the stock and over the last week end their was plenty of negative media coverage which it would appear has had an effect of the share value dropping as low as £20.88 from a high of more than £28.00

Does this now mean we will be inundated with more commercial ads in an attempt to get our cash, from a personal view I have never bought from one of these, when I go on it’s for a specific purpose not to purchase goods- maybe I am not the average user of FB!

Interestingly enough GM has pulled their adverts apparently they didn’t seem to be converting to orders either.

Like anything the market will settle and find its own value, time as always will tell the story!

So what does Mr Mark Zuckerberg do when all this is going on?

Gets married to his long suffering girlfriend Priscilla Chan and as we have come to expect from Mark it was a private and extremely  low key affair considering his wealth, pity some ‘A’ listers don’t follow his example.


‘Tap & Go’

A revolution in shopping is the ability to pay for goods or services through any mobile phone which has recently been launched which will allow payment for small items upto a value of around £15.00.

tap and go

Tap and Go

You attach a small PayTag (about a third of the size of a traditional card) to the back of your mobile and to make a payment you would simply tap the phone at a specific till. This transaction will then require a PIN to authenticate and as you would expect it is protected 100% against fraudulent activity.

At present it is being supplied via Barclaycard but it’s expected that the other major banks will follow suit and as this becomes an acceptable way to pay for goods more retailers will embrace the technology. These typically will join the likes of the main supermarkets, McDonalds and London buses which have introduced or are planning to introduce these facilities.

Carl Schelble, the MD of PayPal has predicted that more consumers will continue to use technology such as Tag & Go through our mobiles which will further negate the necessity of carrying a wallet or cash.

Keep up to date at our site Tap and Go, which will be launched soon.


Shopping Sherlock

Recent major developments have taken place at ‘My Shopping Genie’ and the business has been bought by Michael Weidder who is the CEO and founder of ‘Best In U’ and totally re-branded as the ‘Shopping Sherlock’.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Shopping Sherlock, well very simply its fast, it’s easy and best of all its free!

This free App is an alternative to sites such as ‘go compare’, ‘ money supermarket’ etc the difference being that  Shopping Sherlock searches the ‘whole’ of the internet to find you the best available price.

Shopping Sherlock is an innovative online shopping App that instantly finds the best deals and lowest prices on millions of products. This deal is sure to catapult the business into overdrive, for those who want to take control of their lives.

We shall keep you posted on further updates on Shopping Sherlock.

Want to know more check out the video in the attached link:  Shopping Sherlock

Shopping Sherlock


Queens Diamond Jubilee.

Well as we are now enjoying the Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations lets hope for at least some dry weather so we can enjoy this awesome spectacle. No matter whether you agree with the Royal Family or not surely for a woman aged 86 to still conduct herself in public office is a remarkable achievement, something we should all congratulate her on and with that I for one wish her my best wishes for the festivities.

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