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So was that our summer?The Internet Millionaires Club

But in fairness here in the UK we have probably had one of our best summers for several years, and we all know how the Brits like to moan about the weather.

Our kids are all back at school and my eldest daughter is all set to leave home for university …………. doesn’t seem that long ago since she first started school?

Or is that just me showing my age?

And no doubt my wife will soon be switching the heating on, and before you know it the TVs will start showing all the adverts for Christmas……… can’t wait.



I have started using Skype a lot more and switch between two PC’s and my mobile, what is frustrating though is it doesn’t sync, even though it’s the same account!

Skype...great if it syncs to all platforms.

Skype…great if it syncs to all platforms.

Like most of us I went on Google to see if there was an explanation and solution, but no and it would appear that I’m not alone.

This is so frustrating, when you think skype is a fantastic product, how difficult can it be to ensure that it will automatically sync your account over different platforms.

And how is it that some user’s accounts actually do sync?



Samsung versus Dyson


Samsung crosses Dyson again!

It would appear that Sir James Dyson the creator of the Dyson vacuum/carpet cleaner (best be careful and not use a brand names such as Hoover) has launched a legal battle against Samsung.

He alleges that they have blatantly copied the steering mechanics of his DC37 and DC39 models.

Dyson not happy with Samsung

Dyson not happy with Samsung

Dyson have issue proceedings in the High Court and they haven’t confirmed whether they are looking to prevent the sale of Samsungs product or charge them a licence fee.

As you would expect Samson have suggested that these claims were “groundless” and stated that they would defend the action “to protect our technological innovation”.

Back in 2009 Dyson were awarded £600,000 from Samsung after they had tried to patent the UK firms ‘triple-cyclone’ suction technology.

Bet the lawyers win in the end though!

   Microsoft Fights Back!

Microsoft Fights Back!

Have recently completed the purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone business for £4.6 billion after a two-year partnership.

The Canadian chief executive of Nokia, Stephen Elop is set to return back to Microsoft, having left in 2010.

Stephen Elop could this be the new CEO?

Stephen Elop could this be the new CEO?

As we now know Steve Ballmer CEO announced his plans to step down (does that mean retire), he believes it’s a brave and necessary step for Microsoft. This will be a win – win for the employees, shareholders and consumers alike.

Whoever replaces Steve Ballmer is still to be decided but Stephen Elop could be the right guy for the top job.



Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday September 20th 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

September date

September date

Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

Click here for location.






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