Well whatever you have planned for this weekend have a good one, seems like we had the best of the weather last week (at least in the UK) most likely this week end will consist of wind, rain and perhaps even snow for some  – strange weather!

I guess the main thing at times like this is to spend some time with your loved ones, get away for a few days and chill out, whatever you decide, we hope you have a fantastic break and extended holiday!

Just read an article on shopping ie: the old traditional method you remember, the high street which used to be full of shops and people with money to spend. No surprises then, due to the current economic climate that things have changed. When you consider basic overheads such as rents, business rates, heat, light, insurance and probably the biggest kicker staff costs!

Most of the high streets in the UK are populated with empty premises which attract numerous charity shops (at least the landlords get off their business rates) and various different types of people begging etc.

The local chavs looking for whatever and then there is the issue of how do you actually get to your local town centre. If you can still afford to buy petrol (again that is if there is still availability) you may choose to drive and then pay extortionate car parking fees – why would any sane person wish to do this?

Or alternatively you may choose to stay at home, switch on your PC and surf the web, no hassle: drink coffee even listen to the radio. Simple stats tell us that the internet market is definitely the only way forward; can you really see any other option?

Another huge dilemma I have is what to replace my iPhone 3GS with, which is up for renewal next month, do I go for the straight replacement the iPhone 4S or wait for the iPhone 5 (assume that this will probably be launched later this year) alternatively jump ship altogether and plug for the latest Samsung Galaxy Note?

The question is after all, what do I want?

With all the features that smartphones come with, really what do we use, are they just expensive ‘must have gadgets’?

Probably is what you are most likely saying.

Samsung Galaxy S11
Samsung Galaxy S11



The Samsung is priced at £499.00 unless you opt to sign a contract which will more than likely be pitched at 18-24 months.


The Samsung Note is huge it comes with 5.3 inch screen and I guess you could look pretty silly actually using it in public as a phone. But as its predecessor the Galaxy S II its very light at 178g.

So Samsung’s Galaxy Note is gorgeous but it’s overall size to me is probably its downfall, I would say it’s just not practical as an everyday phone. It’s just too big when there are far more versatile smart phones available. WIP!


Raspberry Pi

This is a credit card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard which is available now.  It will run Linux and should be able to do pretty much “everyday” computing tasRasberry Piks such as spreadsheets, word processing, games and still run 1080p video for just under £30.00 for the model B.

How cheap for a computer!

The idea behind the Raspberry Pi is to offer a device that will inspire the imagination of aspiring programmers.  This certainly is worth a look for those of you who wish to develop pretty cool programs and interactive devices for an affordable base and it’s British.



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