To this months newsletter and inside we have some interesting news on new developments and opportunities to develop our business, we believe more people are waking upto the fact the internet is here to stay and as such social media is becoming a huge marketing factor for all business owners.

So as we all know it’s a question of when we sign upto it, not if!


Can Pinterest Inspire You to Write More Blog Posts

For those who don’t really know what Pinterest is about well really it’s all about sharing photos showing interesting and fun things, it should also become part of your toolkit for marketing your business.

Whilst it is a relative new form of social media it can be a place for inspiration if you are a blogger, at times we all need fresh ideas and here on Pinterest every picture is a potential article.

Like all the new social media sites there are good ways and bad ways to get the most out of it. It is not all intuitive.

Never fear we have a solution for you! In the form of a free Ebook.

Pinterest Beginners Guide Ebook

This should get you going and open your eyes to what it is all about and how to go about it.

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Twitter is gaining more credibility day on day and as any marketer knows this form of social media is extremely powerful and we can learn lots of tips in our chosen niches.

It is an opportunity also for us all to gain credibility and become an ‘expert’ in our niche by offering great content and tips.

‘Hootsuite’ is an awesome powerful piece of software which enables you to file in separate folders different tweets for niches, enables you to post tweets automated just like aweber…………….very cool!

Check out here for more info.


Internet Piracy

Warning letters are to be issued to those who download music, movies or e-Books illegally with the ultimate threat of legal action being taken for copyright theft.

The new action will also take the stance that ‘individuals will be deemed to be guilty until proven innocent’ which will come into effect early 2014.

Make no mistake that they mean business they will have the power to ‘cap your service’ or in certain cases ‘cut it off’…………….sounds harsh but we have been warned that sooner or later that they would do whatever they could to stop this activity.

If you are accused you will have to pay a fee of £20.00 regardless of whether or not you are guilty to an Ofcom body to appeal this allegation.

If you choose not to appeal this could have a detrimental effect of your ability to either maintain an internet connection or upgrade to a faster service.


Cost of buying offline.

Recent reports state that some high street stores are charging some of their customer’s upto 4 times more for popular goods such as DVD’s, CD’s & video games. The survey which was carried out by TalkTalk and the Centre of Economics and Business Research team made a selection of 50 goods.

The study discovered that the average high street price for entertainment goods were 124% higher than on-line. The fundamental reason for this is that on-line retailers are not bearing huge overheads for business premises in prime retail sites together with staffing issues etc.

A warehouse on an industrial site together with a fork lift truck and a few operatives working shifts will sort it.

The biggest cash differences were noted in electrical goods such as ………

i)                    Zanussi dishwasher from Comet was priced at £330.00 and was available on-line at £237.00 dearer by £93.00

ii)                   Hotpoint electric cooker £500.00  from Argos yet on the same website above it was available for £364  saving a massive £136.00

What this demonstrates to me is that these examples confirm [surely it has to make our businesses easier] that the Internet is definitely here to stay and the high street as we know it is in for a rough ride!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK  [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] we have our monthly IM meet up arranged for this Friday November 16th 2012 at Dukes 92 Manchester

Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [great Lancashire grub, you don’t have to eat, shame though if you don’tL] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

Click here for location.

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