To this months issue, finally it looks like here in the UK summer has arrived……………. let’s hope it hangs around until late September!

Personally when the sun shines I think everyone is far happier, less grumpy and it makes it a far more pleasant experience for all concerned.

Even in the workplace wherever that may be.



Who Else Is Avoiding Taxes?

Seems like Vodafone have joined the club………. they clearly don’t like paying their taxes either!

It would appear that they have paid no Corporation Tax in the UK for the second year running this is on sales of more than £5 billion…..

I for one would dearly love to know how they manage to do this legally, as a small business owner it grieves me to have to pay C/tax……………seems to me: the more you have the less you pay!

In their defence they state that investment in the UK network and interest payments had wiped out any Corporation Tax liability within the UK, it is suggested that they had paid around £3 billion in tax overseas.

Seems like a plan, will get an appointment with my team of accountants set up straight away.

They join the exclusive club which includes: Amazon, Starbucks and Google who all seem to be exploiting the tax laws within the UK………..

Is this not a bit unfair and the question I would ask is why is our government allowing this?

If I were a cynical guy I might even think that our ministers were looking after their own interests [contrary to what they are supposed to be: representing the people] and their future after politics!


EE who operate Orange and T Mobile in the UK have recently launched a super fast 4G Internet connection from £23 a month this is without any tie-in to a long-term deal.

Upgrade to 4G

Upgrade to 4G

What they are offering is a rolling monthly contract on the 4G network for an extra £10 a month which you only need to give one months notice to cancel.

It is alleged that your phone will be as fast as your home broadband allowing you to stream video download music and play games around five times faster than previous.

So if you are curious on how quick it actually is, it seems a decent deal and when other providers go live you will be able to shop around for the best deal.


Do you recognize this guy?

26yr old Internet Millionaire

26yr old Internet Millionaire

Is he your son, friend, or neighbour?

Well to introduce him his name is David Karp and he recently sold Tumblr the social networking site he developed to Yahoo for $1.1 billion.

Whilst 26-year-old David will not become a member of the 10 figure fortune club he seems to have cut himself a nice deal indeed.

It is reported that he will receive about $250 million in cash together with a small amount of shares in Yahoo……………………. bearing in mind Yahoo’s previous history in acquisitions I believe this is very smart move.

Not bad for someone who didn’t finish high school and similar to Mark Zuckerberg David leads a frugal existence with very few possessions.

He shares his Brooklyn apartment with his girlfriend Rachel Eakley who is a trained chef.

He recently said: “I don’t have any books. I don’t have many clothes”. “I’m always so surprised when people fill their homes up with stuff.”

Sounds like a really nice guy and when you compare him to some other celebrity ‘A’ listers, soccer players etc………….. modesty is indeed a virtue.


The New Kid On The Block!

The New Kid On The Block!

As previously reported Morrisons the UK grocer who identified their need to provide a home delivery service [after posting their poor financial year end figures] have recently signed a deal with Internet home delivery company Ocado, the deal allegedly is worth a reputed £200 million.

All good and well that is unless you are Waitrose, who are what some would say are an ‘upmarket‘competitor to Morrisons.

Waitrose believes they had an exclusive contract with Ocado and as you would expect they are not very happy with this deal, legal action is being threatened to prevent the deal going through.

I guess the winners in this will be the lawyers, as we all know they will come out from under their rocks to argue the case, and ultimately apply their fees regardless of the outcome.

Surely applying skilful negotiation, communication, and mutual agreement discussions between all three companies, would inevitably be cheaper and ultimately a better outcome for all concerned, that is except the lawyers.

We shall wait, watch and see what happens.


Apple Fights Back!

Apple Fights Back!

Apple has officially announced iOS 7 and confirms that this is the biggest change to the iPhone platform since it was launched five years ago.

Click here for more info from Senior VP Jony Ive.

They have incorporated a new slide to unlock function together with a new control panel which slides up from the bottom of the screen to access settings.

New animations have been applied to the weather app and most of the stock apps have all been redesigned.

They have changed a lot of the icon colours and introduced what they feel are modern tones and shapes.

What Apple is trying to achieve is for the new design which has been in their words ‘modernised and flattened’ [much easier to watch a video and try to describe in words].

Apple believes that the new design makes the iPhone appear bigger due to the fact that each app utilises availability of screen size.

Even down to the signal bars in the upper left corner have been replaced with a series of dots so all in all the interface will be completely new and fresh.

Well the good news is it is available now in beta but only to iPhone developers and we are told it will be available for the iPad in the next few weeks.

We believe the final release will be in the autumn.


Who Opens Your Emails & Clicks Your Links

Who Opens Your Emails & Clicks Your Links

Just discovered a nifty piece of software called: Yesware, which is compatible with Gmail and it’s free, it is advertised as email for salespeople.

I think it’s quite brilliant you can track who opens your emails and clicks on your links, set reminders and use templates to save time.

Rather than me write about it you can check it all out here see for yourself how good it is.


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday June 21st 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

meet up 21 June 2013

Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

Click here for location.

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