So here we are January 2013 already nearly one month into the New Year and like every business owner we all should be taking a close look at our goals and where we want to be come the end of December.



News from Instagram which [incidentally is now owned by Facebook] that they have changed their privacy policy in respect of ownership of any photographs uploaded:

To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”

Nice move!

 Facebook Photos

So in other words any photos you post to Facebook and you by accepting their terms and conditions relinquish all rights of ownership which allows facebook to use them in any way they see fit and cash in, without any payment to yourself of course.

You may just want to re-think what pictures you actually upload to their site in future.


4G Connection

The UK government have opened up the bidding for the next generation of mobile phone signals with applicants submitting their bid together with a £100,000 deposit.

We expect Everything Everywhere, O2, Three and Vodafone to be the main contenders which will enable them to offer their own customers lucrative contracts which will enable Internet at home broadband speeds to their mobiles.

 First Broadband

The results are expected in March and according to Ofcom they expect the sale could raise £3.5 billion.

We are told that download speeds could be seven times faster than currently available through the 3G network and comparable to domestic services.

All we have to do now is wait for the deals to come from the suppliers and decide whether we as consumers are prepared to pay a premium!


Traditional Retailing

I guess its no great surprise to hear of a couple of UK based ‘traditional businesses’ calling in the Receivers, Jessops [electrical suppliers]


and most recently HMV  the record store have suffered due to the current economic climate. Read more here on this story.


Therefore just to reiterate the competition that the high street is up against, statistics published recently indicated turnover was up in the UK by around 0.3% whereas internet sales achieved an increase of circa 18%…… surprised!

E-books continue to grow whilst ‘real books’ appear to have fallen around -4.6% ………..could it be all the ladies who bought the epic selling 50 Shades of Grey, not wishing to advertise to the world what they were actually reading on their commute to the office!

As for food shopping in the UK one of the big ‘four’ posted poor results and it would appear they seem to lay the blame on the fact that they don’t operate an Internet shopping arm and home delivery service….how long will it be?

This Internet thing is just a passing fad that will disappear!


Internet Marketing

Update on our training…..WIP to be continued!


Apps – Buyer Beware!

Free Apps are causing concern for some parents as their children are using these games such as Racing Penguin, Angry Birds & Zombie Takeover.

Whilst they are offered as ‘free’ they are plagued with adverts offering incentives to ‘get deeper within’ the game by purchasing coins or greater power to enhance the game.

This is then charged to the credit card used to register in the first place, generally an unsuspecting parent….be aware!

As you would expect Apple when questioned on the subject confirmed that its software offers the option to opt out off these purchases.



How about this for great marketing.

If you wanted to buy an ebook for a Christmas present for a Kindle in the UK well you can’t.

Huh….you can purchase a gift voucher and give that, but you can’t actually choose an e-book and send it to someone else’s Kindle, unless that is you live in the US.

Come on Amazon how difficult can it really be?



Amazing how a simple idea can generate so much traffic [cash].

Moneysupermarket the price comparison site continues to flourish in these tough financial times.


The company expects to post double digit growth and profits for last year. Revenues will have increased by 15% to £204.4m with core earnings achieving a 15% increase to £66m.

And all this from a site to save its customers money and to assist them in researching the best deal….awesome!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday January 18th 2013 at Dukes 92 Manchester.

Meetup Jan 2012

Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [January offer…..50% discount off the food] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

Click here for location.


Paul’s Pondering

 We all tend to get tangled up on WordPress these days and think that it is the only way to make a website and sales platform on the internet.

There are of course other platforms and other ways of doing it and perhaps this is the time that we looked at alternative ways and sales Platforms as sooner or later Google will (if they have not done already) recognise that Internet Marketers are just using blogs (just because we know they are favoured by Google) for marketing purposes and are therefore start de indexing promotional blogs.

One of our own members has come up with a product which is called TLC Platform and that stands for Total Lead Capture. What the software does is create a website for you fully SEO optimised with all the pages that you would want to do a product launch, promotion, product delivery and much more, with loads of different ready-made designs and templates for you to pick from and lots of useful pre-configured options just by a click of a button.

The site is based around using video and is therefore fully optimised and includes video players.

I have purchased the software and can fully recommend it to you if you are involved in any way promoting and selling products on the Internet be that your own products or affiliate promotion.

At the moment the software is on offer as a launch promotion for a one-off fee, which is surprisingly low (I won’t give the game away!) Rather than an annual subscription you would expect for a product like this.

So to take advantage of this offer go to the site now and watch the video which is 20 minutes long and can give you far more information than I can in this newsletter. You won’t be disappointed.


 The Internet Millionaires Club

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