To this month’s newsletter as Christmas is just a few weeks off our on-line businesses may very well take a drop in sales, whilst it can be frustrating it’s also an opportunity to refresh our sales pages and offers in anticipation of a flying start in 2013.


Starbucks, Amazon & Google – Corporation Tax.

Latest news in the UK are the revelations about multi national companies using ‘tax avoidance schemes’ to restrict their liability. Morality issues……………ha! You must be joking, these are businesses out to screw everyone, guess they would even turn their own parents over to make a dime.

Why do we put up with it?

I would suggest that the whole of the UK boycotts their products for a full 30 days……remember the petrol price war! (for UK based people!)

No matter what are politicians say [and who would ever believe them in any event, they are probably on the board of this type of business, snouts in trough!].

Wouldn’t that be powerful………………people power!

Who remembers Citizen Smith? Check it out here for a laugh.

Seriously though, we the little man pays our taxes, let’s ensure that companies that trade in the UK and make several million dollars profit pay there fair share.


4G Superfast Connection

Not sure if it’s just me, seems that EE have gone quiet over 4G, not impressed how they marketed it in the first place, do they think that we will continue to through more and more cash at them!

Would be interested to hear from any subscribers who have actually bit the bullet and signed up, you know actual real time download speed, is it noticeable, connectivity etc……let us know.


Internet Marketing

Well after much deliberation we have taken the plunge and signed up for a mentorship, Dean Holland based in Nottingham, UK and his promise is that after six months you will be making serious cash from marketing IM products to your own list.

Dean actually signed up with Alex Jeffrey’s, check him out here, another Brit, well to me it does bode well that we can make it just like the Americans, well done guys and thanks for sharing your expertise. We shall keep you posted on our development.

For far too long we have reviewed ‘gurus’ who promised big deals with their fantastic sales pages designed to entice you/us to part with lots of cash, only the results do not follow.

It’s unfortunate but with all businesses you will always get the wide boys, all they are after is your hard earned cash and really they don’t give a stuff about you or me, harsh lesson to learn!

Lets go public, we have been scratching the surface of IM since 2009 [embarrassing as it is!] and after we completed Ed Dale’s ’The Challenge’ to make a dollar on-line, which as it happens we did relatively easily we appear to have stalled (other than driving traffic to our offline businesses and helping others) ……………the answer maybe then is to sign up to a mentorship, lets ask the questions of those who have achieved it, want to know more about Dean Holland check him out here.


Apple just keeps on getting better!

How cool is the Apple brand?

Recent reports state that Apple have knocked Aston Martin off its title as the coolest brand………………not sure that I would agree!

Apple having recently launched the iPhone5 which has become one of the most sought after gadgets took the top spot relegating Aston Martin to No3 [can’t be any truth in this surely!].

Would you believe YouTube is No2…………I was surprised to say the least, it just goes to demonstrate the importance of video and as internet marketers it firmly says to me the requirement to use this platform for our respective businesses?



Google have recently announced that they are to implement charges to small businesses for their gmail account which were previously free to everyone.

It has been noted that Google were looking for alternative sources of income rather than depend wholly on advertisements and this is a surprise move, but it will offer the business user much larger storage space for emails and a 24 hour support service the cost…… an annual fee of £33.00

The reason given for this move became apparent after the latest financial results revealed that the average cost that firms paid Google every time a customer clicked on one of their ads was 15% lower than the same quarter last year.

This in turn sent their shares down by £15bn after the group reported revenues were down by 20% for the same period.

Free accounts will still be available for the individual, but the question could be: is this the thin end of the wedge?


On-line Dating

Apparently on-line dating is the boom industry worth a credible £170m in the UK alone, perhaps its time we got into this phenomenon could be interesting as well as making some serious cash.

As we all tend to lead busy lives it has become so much harder to meet someone to share our lives with and as we are all aware the internet is wide reaching and can open up far greater opportunities than the local pub or club.

I guess like with any niche opportunities are there for all and it’s a free market…………….to be continued!!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind traveling] we have our monthly IM meet up which just happens to be a Christmas party theme, really just an excuse to have a chat and a few drinks arranged for  Friday December 14th 2012 at Dukes 92 Manchester


Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [great Lancashire grub, you don’t have to eat, shame though if you don’t] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

Click here for location.

The Internet Millionaires Club

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