Apologies for the late issue of this newsletter, we have a property which has been lying dormant for a few years and we took [well I was told to get my overalls on] the initiative to ‘take action’ ie: ‘get on our bikes’ and get the property completed to enable us to market it so to speak………thanks to Norman Tebbit – sometimes politicians do actually talk sense!

Therefore we can proudly confirm that our new tenant took possession Friday 29 June & we have succeeded in turning our long term liability into a long term asset……embarrassing though we should have taken action years ago, I acknowledge that I have learnt a lesson!


This article made me smile, Apple have had to pay out £40m to a Chinese company called Proview who manufacture monitors over a trademark issue in respect of its iPad tablet.

Seems like the business was on its knees so I am sure that this cash injection has certainly made the directors pretty happy……………only wish I could have thought of something to trademark!


As technology continues to develop look out for an app which RBS have developed which will allow you to withdraw upto £100 using similar technology as you would if you use on-line banking ie: they would text you a six digit number to tap into your mobile.

Seems they are following Barclay’s example………….!


Talking about Barclay’s it would appear that Apple are being investigated by the US government into an alleged ‘price fixing’ of e-books.

It is alleged that Apple in an attempt at securing market leadership against its major rival Amazon have conspired with some publishing houses to fix the price of e-books………………….it would appear that not only the banks are attempting to cheat their customers!

Shame on them all!!!!!!


From Newbie to Millionaire.

 Are you willing to invest in $49? If not well fair enough we wish you well with your internet business.

If on the other hand you are looking to ‘actually make money on-line’ then we have to tell you about Christine Claydon.

As you would expect [AIDA] this is a limited offer and comes complete with a 60 day money back guarantee. What she has done is written a comprehensive manual on how to actually make money on-line, no false promises just straight forward simple methods to follow.

I have copied some testimonials for her book:

  1. 1.     ‘This is not just any book but it is actually an ENCYCLOPEDIA FOR Internet Marketing! 
    In my opinion anyone who has the intention to start their online business must have this.
    You will be presented with a VERY VALUABLE 506 pages content packed e-book and 293 minutes videos tutorial covering almost everything there is about IM.
    Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a seasoned marketer, this book will definitely be useful for you.

    Oh yes, and for the price she’s charging now, it is actually way, way, way too cheap!
    If this is my product, I will be charging you at least $197 and $47’


  1. ‘I must admit that this is one of those rare products that I don’t know how to review it – as it was totally unlike anything I’ve seen before.

    This really is a one-stop guide for anyone new to Internet Marketing to help to figure all this stuff out. You just take these 500 pages and work your way through them (slowly and methodologically) and you’ll have a total Internet Marketing education.

    What many new marketers don’t realise is that there really is an awful lot to learn if you want to be able to compete in the Internet Marketing field in any fashion. The learning never stops of course, but if you can follow Christine’s guidance you’ll be well ahead of the curve.

    There’s only one reason when I could suggest you don’t buy this e-book. And that’s because you may want to acquire the full professional printed manual from Amazon so that you can proudly display it on your shelf. This is too good to just keep as an e-book!


I guess what I am saying is that rather than write further reviews we would recommend that you take a look yourself at here and make your own mind up and good luck in whatever you choose to do.


The Internet Millionaires Club

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