HTC One X

 Well since the last issue I have been looking at my replacement mobile and I have got to say I think Apple is falling behind. Nothing lasts forever, have they become complacent expecting their loyal followers to wait for the next upgrade?

As we are all aware Apple have recently launched the iPad 3 in doing so, have they concentrated on the tablet market at the expense of their mobile clients?

In my case I think so.

I don’t believe its worthwhile upgrading to the iPhone 4S & no-one is saying when the iPhone 5 will be launched if at all this year pure speculation, so I am seriously considering the HTC One X.


 this is a serious piece of kit and one of the things which appeals is the screen size a huge 4.7” and a gorgeous design and its smaller than the Samsung Note (just too big, have you actually seen one?).

The phone comes with 32GB and if that’s not enough they have negotiated a deal with Dropbox for a further 25GB when you register your phone.

 The One X gives its competitors a good run for their money, the handset is a work of beauty utilizing top quality materials together with ICS OS and an 8 mega pixel camera which enables you to take pictures whilst shooting a video.

I guess the killer will be battery life, like all new smart phones this seems to be the thing that mostly irritates us, but ultimately if we want small hand held devices to surf the web, text and even make phone calls well this is the price we have to pay.


For those of you who don’t know about Dropbox check it out, this is a really useful piece of free software for anyone’s business or just for backing up your PC.

Click here for free Dropbox account

Spam Emails

Time has got to be the most precious asset for all of us, how much of this valuable asset is wasted on spammers who constantly bombard us with emails which we haven’t subscribed for and neither do we want.

Everyday I seem to have more of this trash and it annoys me intensely that even with my filters spammers still seem to get through and I have to manually dump them yet again.

I would just love to be able to return this crap back to those who create it x 1,000,000

My Shopping Genie

If you haven’t heard of My Shopping Genie yet well, this is a free app which will save you time and money guaranteed.

How can anyone not be interested in something which is free and will save anyone time and money?

My Shopping Genie
My Shopping Genie

When you are looking to buy something from the internet traditionally we would type in the appropriate keyword and hit return relying on Google to bring the product up before our eyes. All good and well but as we all know the sites that are displayed are not necessarily the best prices but the best marketers.

Well My Shopping Genie will search the whole of the web and return the best prices at that time for whatever you want.

There is also a business opportunity for those of us who are interested whereby we give away the free apps and earn commission whenever our apps are used to purchase goods.

And just released is the G2Gamers link which is available from the Genie which opens up the whole gaming application industry which as you can appreciate is a huge and ever growing business.

This also creates an opportunity to earn commission want to know more check out the video in the attached link:

Paul’s Ponderings

I get asked quite allot, which is the best product or course for someone who is just getting Started. Is that you?

I don’t that time to review all the courses that are available, and more are getting released all the time, and quite often these are just re-jigs of someone else’s course (especially the cheap ones on the Warrior Forum!)

The best place to start has to be The Challenge, which is a free course that has been going for 6 or 7 years now (used to be called the 30 Day Challenge). This is run by a bunch of well known Internet Marketers Including, Ed Dale, Guru Bob, Dan Raine and many others.

Don’t let the fact it is a free course in anyway make you think it is inferior. It is not. High quality in depth video tuition. The aim is for you to make $1 by the time you finish. Not a great target you might think, but it is your first dollar, you know the basics and you can move on from there.

Don’t feel too sorry for these chaps doing all this for free. You will sign up for various free trials of software which will become paid software if you continue and you will have signed up through their affiliate links!

If you still want a paid course well you can learn the basics and get stuck in straight away, I still think Andrew Hansen & Josh Stanton Unstoppable Affiliate course is the way to go.

There are no discounts or coupons available but if you sign up through our link we will spend some time coaching you, giving you targets and generally chase you along.

What ever you do, remain focused. Ignore the next shiny new tool (especially if it promises untold riches at the press of a button, all for $47!)

God Bless and Good luck.




The Challenge

Unstoppable Affiliate This link will give you a $1 dollar trial (send me an email copy of the paypal receipt so I can start the coaching J ) or to read more Barbury Internet Marketing Review.

Finally to read more about My Shopping Genie check out Try My Shopping Genie

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