To this months issue I can’t believe how quickly time goes, I guess this just re-iterates that our best asset is our time and no amount of money can buy us any more….that’s quite a sober thought!

Having just completed a 50mile charity bike ride [with my wife] on behalf of a local hospice I think it sometimes does us good to reflect on how fortunate we really are 🙂



Seems that Google is been hauled before Parliament yet again for its alleged misdemeanours with its tax avoidance schemes.

Google has admitted that it turns over £3 billion a year from the UK apparently using sales team based in Ireland.

Of its 1300 UK workers based mainly around London Google confirmed that these ‘only offer marketing and support to the Irish team’.

If it is found that they have been selling from the UK they could incur a huge tax bill.


Issue No 014 April picture 4 2013

Part 1

Funny isn’t it in issue 13 we reported the news about Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer and her position in respect of remote or even part time workers, more specifically working mums.

If you recall Miss Mayer [why do some women wish to be known as Miss…… when they are clearly married] has insisted that this practise is stopped from June 2013 yet we have recently heard that Facebook have appointed another mother [four children] as their European, Middle East and Africa Vice President.

Welcome to English born [well actually a Northern girl :-)] Nicola Mendelsohn, who has agreed a contract which stipulates that she only works
Mon-Thurs……………that’s right, doesn’t do Friday’s.


The reason being: that she wishes to have a balance between work/family!

Moreover Mendelsohn who previously held a senior position [Executive Chairman] within an agency whereby half of her staff exercise the option for flexible working arrangements………interesting!!

Is this simply a European – American thing?

Opinions invited!!

Part 2

Could Facebook be losing his popularity… according to some reports it would suggest that they are losing millions of users every month.

In the UK alone 1.4 million fewer people logged in last month……are we falling out with Facebook?

Or is it that alternative social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Path are offering users a more pleasant experience?

Quite ironic really if Path overtakes Facebook as this was set up by a former employee Dave Morin.

One of the benefits of this is that it restricts its users to 150 friends and it is allegedly gaining 1 million users every week.

Maybe an issue with Facebook is its privacy policies which they are constantly tweaking for their own benefit, is this having a detrimental effect with its users.

Surprisingly Facebook declined to comment perhaps Mendelsohn will address this as one of her key issues when she takes office.



According to reports from Samsung smart phones will soon be capable of downloading films in one second with ultra high-speed broadband technology 🙂

Fifth generation technology will transmit data much faster than the 4G networks currently been marketed and homes could have wireless 5G capability by 2020.

In test data is transmitted at speeds of more than 1 GB per second over 2 km.

However the costs for faster downloads could out way the benefits for some of us or at least in the imminent future.



Apologies for this short newsletter only Paul and I are busy preparing our 1st major launch of our very own audio product.

This will be an awesome product which will consist of seven top quality interviews with IM’ers who actually are making a full time living from the Internet.

Interested….we hope so and the great news is we shall be offering opportunities for beta testing very shortly…..keep an eye on your inbox!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday May 17 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

Meet up 17 May

Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

Click here for location.

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