Hi gang & welcome

So here we are in November and as marketers we should all be prepared
and excited for the Christmas rush.

Opportunities are there for all of us, whatever your niche you really
should make the effort to get some income generated, start small aim
for £100/$100 a month/week/day and watch it grow.


Movember 2013Another thing here in the UK is ‘Movember’ this is a charity fund raising idea in aid of specifically prostate cancer awareness.

The simple idea is for men [at least I think it’s aimed at men] to grow a moustache throughout the month of November.

There are specific rules which apply but basically it’s a bit of fun
with the charity benefiting and Joanne [my wife] thought it would be
funny if I took part…..weird sense of humour!

So, not to spoil the party I have taken up the challenge & shall be
cultivating my first ever moustache in aid of charity and if you feel
like minded you can always donate.

BTW it is so annoying!


8 Simple Principles

Another snippet for you today…..

Wise words indeed from TED…………

Most of us I assume fail in applying these 8 principles:

Watch the video here (only 3 mins)
How did you rate yourself?

Format Your Broadcast Emails Like The Pros
Format Your Broadcast Emails Like The Pros

If you’ve ever wondered why your emails are not getting the response that you hoped for, well one reason may be the format of the text/body.

Many emails are considered as spam so a way around this is to format your text and this FREE software just makes it so easy.

Simply put, what it does is format your email
to about 50, 60 or 70 characters wide [you can set to what you think looks right] and then it wraps the lines so they don’t get messy.

You may have noticed this on emails that you receive and the other
great tip is, that it is user friendly for mobile phones or tablets as
it displays the whole message on the screen without the need to scroll
left or right.

The FREE version which works just fine or you can upgrade
to the Pro at the low cost of $4.99 this is basically to cover costs.

The Pro version gives you lifetime support, updates, spell checker
and no doubt further benefits as time goes on, why wouldn’t you for
the very low cost?

Read more on this fantastic Free software here.


So Twitter has floated and by all accounts the share value has risen substantially.

With a valuation circa $10bn and considering it is yet to turn a profit I suspect some serious advertising will be implemented to satisfy their investors….the joy!!!

I think it’s a pity that not unlike Facebook their have been stories which have suggested ‘in-house’ disagreement/arguments between the alleged founders.

Some of the key instigators in creating Twitter are still aboard such
as Jack Dorsey and Evan Williams, however one notable absentee is Noah
Glass who appears to have been squeezed out.

Evan Williams when questioned on Noah tweeted, “It’s true that Noah
never got enough credit for his early role at Twitter. Also, he came
up with the name, which was brilliant.”

You can get full story of Hatching Twitter just here and it will make a
great Christmas present.

Fantastic Video Software
Fantastic Video Software

Another fantastic tool for you, one which we have bought and are
using. Cost $5.00

So if you are looking to produce video for your marketing I would
recommend that you head over here and have a look at this product, very easy to use, great quality and best of all cheap as chips.

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Rob Cornish
Rob Cornish

We are continuing our Interviews with world leading Internet Marketers and if you would like your FREE audio copy of Rob Cornish click here with our compliments.




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Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or
indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet

Meeting is scheduled for Friday November 15th 2013 at The Castlefield
Hotel, Manchester.

Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a
two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity
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15 November 2013





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Hi gang & welcome

internet-millionaires logo

As the nights draw in Autumn has clearly arrived [well it has here in the UK] and before you know it Christmas will be upon us, which in turn means lots of opportunities to make huge sales.

Last month I told you that my eldest daughter was off to university, well at the last moment she decided it wasn’t for her!

She is hoping to get a job as a chalet host for the ski season and then move on to Australia…….never a dull moment!

So if you have any contacts, it would be fantastic for her mum and me, & of course Grace.


Hi gang & welcome

So was that our summer?The Internet Millionaires Club

But in fairness here in the UK we have probably had one of our best summers for several years, and we all know how the Brits like to moan about the weather.

Our kids are all back at school and my eldest daughter is all set to leave home for university …………. doesn’t seem that long ago since she first started school?

Or is that just me showing my age?

And no doubt my wife will soon be switching the heating on, and before you know it the TVs will start showing all the adverts for Christmas……… can’t wait.



I have started using Skype a lot more and switch between two PC’s and my mobile, what is frustrating though is it doesn’t sync, even though it’s the same account!

Skype...great if it syncs to all platforms.

Skype…great if it syncs to all platforms.

Like most of us I went on Google to see if there was an explanation and solution, but no and it would appear that I’m not alone.

This is so frustrating, when you think skype is a fantastic product, how difficult can it be to ensure that it will automatically sync your account over different platforms.

And how is it that some user’s accounts actually do sync?



Samsung versus Dyson


Samsung crosses Dyson again!

It would appear that Sir James Dyson the creator of the Dyson vacuum/carpet cleaner (best be careful and not use a brand names such as Hoover) has launched a legal battle against Samsung.

He alleges that they have blatantly copied the steering mechanics of his DC37 and DC39 models.

Dyson not happy with Samsung

Dyson not happy with Samsung

Dyson have issue proceedings in the High Court and they haven’t confirmed whether they are looking to prevent the sale of Samsungs product or charge them a licence fee.

As you would expect Samson have suggested that these claims were “groundless” and stated that they would defend the action “to protect our technological innovation”.

Back in 2009 Dyson were awarded £600,000 from Samsung after they had tried to patent the UK firms ‘triple-cyclone’ suction technology.

Bet the lawyers win in the end though!

   Microsoft Fights Back!

Microsoft Fights Back!

Have recently completed the purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone business for £4.6 billion after a two-year partnership.

The Canadian chief executive of Nokia, Stephen Elop is set to return back to Microsoft, having left in 2010.

Stephen Elop could this be the new CEO?

Stephen Elop could this be the new CEO?

As we now know Steve Ballmer CEO announced his plans to step down (does that mean retire), he believes it’s a brave and necessary step for Microsoft. This will be a win – win for the employees, shareholders and consumers alike.

Whoever replaces Steve Ballmer is still to be decided but Stephen Elop could be the right guy for the top job.



Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday September 20th 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

September date

September date

Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

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Hi gang & welcome

To this months issue and we can officially confirm that summer has finally arrived here in the UK………….and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Don’t know about you, but I for one get a certain ‘spring in my step’ you know, get up that bit earlier in the morning [or this just an age thing?]… just feels well, sort of nice!


So we are hearing that Apple is very close to launching their iWatch which could be seen as a missing link between the iPhone and Flavor Flav’s clock……..[for those of you who are not familiar with him, he is a rapper!].

Apple iWatch

Apple iWatch

The wristwatch like device is expected to execute some of the tasks that are handled by the iPhone and iPad.

The man leading the project is none other than Sir Jony Ive who allegedly ordered Nike sports watches years ago to research Apple’s iWatch, I guess you could call that forward vision.

We expect that Apple will launch later this year or early 2014 as for cost well that’s anyone’s guess!

Whilst talking about Apple it is reported that the iPhone 5 is the slowest amongst the leading brands consumer watchdogs report however it is the world’s bestselling smartphone.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Tests performed to compute the processing and memory speed ranked the iPhone 5 bottom of seven of the most fashionable phones on the market. The top-rated phone the Samsung Galaxy S4 is almost twice as fast.




Google seems to be in bother yet again in respect of personal data it collect’s.

The French have given them an ultimatum to explain how it uses sensitive information or incur a fine of upto €300,000 (£260,000)



French expect Britain and other major European nations to join in this action.

Google are alleged to have collected excessive amounts of information on their users Internet activities and holding it for far too long.

March 2012 Google launched a combined privacy policy for its services; this enabled the company to collate data on individual users from YouTube, Gmail and social networks Google+. Users have no right to opt out!

A Google spokesman commented “we have engaged fully with the authorities throughout this process, and we’ll continue to do so”.

In contrast to Google, Mozilla the company behind the Firefox browser is currently developing software to regulate the use of cookies – code that stays on your computer after you visit a website which will shield its users from being tracked online.


Is Facebook loosing its grip on social media with teenagers?

Lets face it FB was specifically set up for students, yet most of their parents have accounts and use the networking site for catching up with friends [old & new] but dare I say it, also to keep an eye on their offspring.facebook name

This had led to young people turning to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr where they haven’t got their parents watching over them.

Whilst they still have their Facebook account less and less of them use it as often and they appear to be tidying up their profiles by deleting and editing posts.


Steve Ballmer CEO of Microsoft announced that the business is to be have a major overhaul, the first restructuring for five years.

Steve Ballmer  CEO Microsoft

Steve Ballmer
CEO Microsoft

Their aim is to streamline the business around such devices as phones and games consoles etc.

As with all major companies Microsoft’s aim is to be in a position to react quicker to developments within the market.

What is behind this is the general decline in PC’s as more of us are using mobile units such as tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft wants to see more of its products used on devices besides personal computers.

“Although we will deliver multiple devices and services to execute and monetise the strategy, the single core strategy will drive us to set shared goals for everything we do. We will see our product line holistically, not as a set of islands,” Mr Ballmer said.

The “One Microsoft” strategy would seek to bring together diverse areas such as Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, Surface, Office 365 and others.


Finally a two-year legal row between Apple and Amazon has been withdrawn.


This centred over the term ‘app store’ which Apple had claimed as its own.

Papers issued claimed that Amazon’s use of Appstore – its on-line shop infringed Apple’s right for its App Store.

However Apple abandoned the case and stated “with more than 900,000 apps and 50 billion downloads, customers know where they can purchase their favourite apps”.



It does make me wonder why they felt the need to issue legal threats in the first place, lawyers perhaps!!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday July 19th 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

Meet up

Meet up


Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.






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To this months issue, finally it looks like here in the UK summer has arrived……………. let’s hope it hangs around until late September!

Personally when the sun shines I think everyone is far happier, less grumpy and it makes it a far more pleasant experience for all concerned.

Even in the workplace wherever that may be.



Who Else Is Avoiding Taxes?

Seems like Vodafone have joined the club………. they clearly don’t like paying their taxes either!

It would appear that they have paid no Corporation Tax in the UK for the second year running this is on sales of more than £5 billion…..

I for one would dearly love to know how they manage to do this legally, as a small business owner it grieves me to have to pay C/tax……………seems to me: the more you have the less you pay!

In their defence they state that investment in the UK network and interest payments had wiped out any Corporation Tax liability within the UK, it is suggested that they had paid around £3 billion in tax overseas.

Seems like a plan, will get an appointment with my team of accountants set up straight away.

They join the exclusive club which includes: Amazon, Starbucks and Google who all seem to be exploiting the tax laws within the UK………..

Is this not a bit unfair and the question I would ask is why is our government allowing this?

If I were a cynical guy I might even think that our ministers were looking after their own interests [contrary to what they are supposed to be: representing the people] and their future after politics!


EE who operate Orange and T Mobile in the UK have recently launched a super fast 4G Internet connection from £23 a month this is without any tie-in to a long-term deal.

Upgrade to 4G

Upgrade to 4G

What they are offering is a rolling monthly contract on the 4G network for an extra £10 a month which you only need to give one months notice to cancel.

It is alleged that your phone will be as fast as your home broadband allowing you to stream video download music and play games around five times faster than previous.

So if you are curious on how quick it actually is, it seems a decent deal and when other providers go live you will be able to shop around for the best deal.


Do you recognize this guy?

26yr old Internet Millionaire

26yr old Internet Millionaire

Is he your son, friend, or neighbour?

Well to introduce him his name is David Karp and he recently sold Tumblr the social networking site he developed to Yahoo for $1.1 billion.

Whilst 26-year-old David will not become a member of the 10 figure fortune club he seems to have cut himself a nice deal indeed.

It is reported that he will receive about $250 million in cash together with a small amount of shares in Yahoo……………………. bearing in mind Yahoo’s previous history in acquisitions I believe this is very smart move.

Not bad for someone who didn’t finish high school and similar to Mark Zuckerberg David leads a frugal existence with very few possessions.

He shares his Brooklyn apartment with his girlfriend Rachel Eakley who is a trained chef.

He recently said: “I don’t have any books. I don’t have many clothes”. “I’m always so surprised when people fill their homes up with stuff.”

Sounds like a really nice guy and when you compare him to some other celebrity ‘A’ listers, soccer players etc………….. modesty is indeed a virtue.


The New Kid On The Block!

The New Kid On The Block!

As previously reported Morrisons the UK grocer who identified their need to provide a home delivery service [after posting their poor financial year end figures] have recently signed a deal with Internet home delivery company Ocado, the deal allegedly is worth a reputed £200 million.

All good and well that is unless you are Waitrose, who are what some would say are an ‘upmarket‘competitor to Morrisons.

Waitrose believes they had an exclusive contract with Ocado and as you would expect they are not very happy with this deal, legal action is being threatened to prevent the deal going through.

I guess the winners in this will be the lawyers, as we all know they will come out from under their rocks to argue the case, and ultimately apply their fees regardless of the outcome.

Surely applying skilful negotiation, communication, and mutual agreement discussions between all three companies, would inevitably be cheaper and ultimately a better outcome for all concerned, that is except the lawyers.

We shall wait, watch and see what happens.


Apple Fights Back!

Apple Fights Back!

Apple has officially announced iOS 7 and confirms that this is the biggest change to the iPhone platform since it was launched five years ago.

Click here for more info from Senior VP Jony Ive.

They have incorporated a new slide to unlock function together with a new control panel which slides up from the bottom of the screen to access settings.

New animations have been applied to the weather app and most of the stock apps have all been redesigned.

They have changed a lot of the icon colours and introduced what they feel are modern tones and shapes.

What Apple is trying to achieve is for the new design which has been in their words ‘modernised and flattened’ [much easier to watch a video and try to describe in words].

Apple believes that the new design makes the iPhone appear bigger due to the fact that each app utilises availability of screen size.

Even down to the signal bars in the upper left corner have been replaced with a series of dots so all in all the interface will be completely new and fresh.

Well the good news is it is available now in beta but only to iPhone developers and we are told it will be available for the iPad in the next few weeks.

We believe the final release will be in the autumn.


Who Opens Your Emails & Clicks Your Links

Who Opens Your Emails & Clicks Your Links

Just discovered a nifty piece of software called: Yesware, which is compatible with Gmail and it’s free, it is advertised as email for salespeople.

I think it’s quite brilliant you can track who opens your emails and clicks on your links, set reminders and use templates to save time.

Rather than me write about it you can check it all out here see for yourself how good it is.


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday June 21st 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

meet up 21 June 2013

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To this months issue I can’t believe how quickly time goes, I guess this just re-iterates that our best asset is our time and no amount of money can buy us any more….that’s quite a sober thought!

Having just completed a 50mile charity bike ride [with my wife] on behalf of a local hospice I think it sometimes does us good to reflect on how fortunate we really are 🙂



Seems that Google is been hauled before Parliament yet again for its alleged misdemeanours with its tax avoidance schemes.

Google has admitted that it turns over £3 billion a year from the UK apparently using sales team based in Ireland.

Of its 1300 UK workers based mainly around London Google confirmed that these ‘only offer marketing and support to the Irish team’.

If it is found that they have been selling from the UK they could incur a huge tax bill.


Issue No 014 April picture 4 2013

Part 1

Funny isn’t it in issue 13 we reported the news about Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer and her position in respect of remote or even part time workers, more specifically working mums.

If you recall Miss Mayer [why do some women wish to be known as Miss…… when they are clearly married] has insisted that this practise is stopped from June 2013 yet we have recently heard that Facebook have appointed another mother [four children] as their European, Middle East and Africa Vice President.

Welcome to English born [well actually a Northern girl :-)] Nicola Mendelsohn, who has agreed a contract which stipulates that she only works
Mon-Thurs……………that’s right, doesn’t do Friday’s.


The reason being: that she wishes to have a balance between work/family!

Moreover Mendelsohn who previously held a senior position [Executive Chairman] within an agency whereby half of her staff exercise the option for flexible working arrangements………interesting!!

Is this simply a European – American thing?

Opinions invited!!

Part 2

Could Facebook be losing his popularity… according to some reports it would suggest that they are losing millions of users every month.

In the UK alone 1.4 million fewer people logged in last month……are we falling out with Facebook?

Or is it that alternative social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Path are offering users a more pleasant experience?

Quite ironic really if Path overtakes Facebook as this was set up by a former employee Dave Morin.

One of the benefits of this is that it restricts its users to 150 friends and it is allegedly gaining 1 million users every week.

Maybe an issue with Facebook is its privacy policies which they are constantly tweaking for their own benefit, is this having a detrimental effect with its users.

Surprisingly Facebook declined to comment perhaps Mendelsohn will address this as one of her key issues when she takes office.



According to reports from Samsung smart phones will soon be capable of downloading films in one second with ultra high-speed broadband technology 🙂

Fifth generation technology will transmit data much faster than the 4G networks currently been marketed and homes could have wireless 5G capability by 2020.

In test data is transmitted at speeds of more than 1 GB per second over 2 km.

However the costs for faster downloads could out way the benefits for some of us or at least in the imminent future.



Apologies for this short newsletter only Paul and I are busy preparing our 1st major launch of our very own audio product.

This will be an awesome product which will consist of seven top quality interviews with IM’ers who actually are making a full time living from the Internet.

Interested….we hope so and the great news is we shall be offering opportunities for beta testing very shortly…..keep an eye on your inbox!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday May 17 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

Meet up 17 May

Informal & friendly meeting open networking from 12.30hrs. Includes a two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

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The Internet Millionaires Club Newsletter 014

Welcome The Internet Millionaires Club

To this months issue and as we have just celebrated Easter we hope that you have all had a pleasant time and had the opportunity to get together with
friends and family.

So it’s back to work and hopefully your businesses are taking full advantage of the opportunities available to is all.

Last month we touched on the subject of time management, and we have got to report whilst it is difficult we have seen major improvements in moving our
business forward, hopefully this will encourage those of you who are finding it a struggle.


Issue No 014 April picture 1 2013


Issue No 014 April picture 2 2013

Disturbing news to read about the feud between ‘Spamhaus’ and ‘CyberBunker’ which resulted in what has reportedly been alleged the biggest ‘cyber attack’
in history resulting in disruption for millions across the world.

The issue began when Spamhaus blacklisted CyberBunker, Spamhaus are a non-profit group and their sole intention is to block unwanted junk mail.

Whereas CyberBunker is a Dutch hosting company and it basically allows any organisation to use their services with the exception of child porn or

A spokesman for CyberBunker posted an online message which alleged that Spamhaus was abusing its position and should not decide what goes and does not go
onto the Internet.

Dangerous territory I think!


Issue No 014 April picture 3 2013

At last some good news and HMRC have finally decided to close the tax loopholes which allowed major international companies who have used legal tax
avoidance schemes will be named and shamed.

This will realise an expected £4.6 billion of revenue over the next five years, which has got to be fair and reasonable for all.

I appreciate that this is only relevant to the UK but as we all know these are big players and they are quite happy to sell their product to UK-based


Issue No 014 April picture 4 2013Issue No 014 April picture 5 2013



According to reports recently announced, Britain’s now spend 62 million hours a day using Facebook and Twitter.

As you would expect it is the younger generation who make up this number, apparently when they visit concerts they seem to spend their time filming and
tweeting as opposed to enjoying the experience.

Strange as it may seem getting more ‘likes’ on Facebook appears to be major incentive.

I guess whatever floats your boat!


Issue No 014 April picture 6 2013

After the recent poor financial reports, it has been announced that Apple is to compensate parents whose children have incurred massive bills using their
free apps and they have allocated $100 million to cover this L

However this is just to cover 23 million people in the US and the decision is unlikely to affect the UK market.

Issue No 014 April picture 7 2013

Looks like Apple are looking to launch a budget version of its iconic iPhone and it could be later this year.

As expected it will be around half the cost and experts are suggesting it will be priced around £220 and the market they are looking At is young
middle-class consumers in countries such as China and India.

Rumours suggest that they will defer the release of a larger screened successor to the iPhone 5 until this has been launched.


Issue No 014 April picture 8 2013

Andrew Mason founder and CEO of ‘Groupon’ has been fired as the businesses value continued to fall since its flotation in 2011.

Issue No 014 April picture 9 2013

Mr Mason sent an email to his staff “after four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time
with my family. Just kidding…..I was fired today. If you’re wondering why…….. You haven’t been paying attention.”

He went on to explain his honesty and that ultimately he was accountable for the poor performance over the previous 18 months.

Co-founder Erik Lefkofsky and vice-chairman Ted Leonsis will look after the company until a replacement is installed.


Issue No 014 April picture 10 2013

A popular TV show in the UK ‘Dragons Den’ has recently announced two new investors, designer Kelly Hoppen and Internet entrepreneur Piers Linney.

Issue No 014 April picture 11 2013Issue No 014 April picture 12 2013




The aim of the show is for potential entrepreneurs to pitch to the panel, which is made up of five multimillionaires who are willing to invest their own
cash in return for a stake in their business.

However Mr Linney has been criticised due to the fact that two of his former companies racked up debts of £400,000

An IT business, ‘Outsourcery’ which is described on his blog as ‘world leading’ and was founded in 2007 has incurred a late filing fee due to accounts not
been submitted in time.

Probably the basics for an interesting program then and one that I shall certainly look to view!


Issue No 014 April picture 13 2013

As anticipated it has been revealed that customers of NatWest and RBS will very soon be able to send £100/ day to Visa cardholders simply by entering their
mobile phone numbers

The app ‘pay your contacts’ will be available to download from the bank’s website, they will be sent a text message and they will then key in their card
number into a secure website to receive the money.


Paul’s Ponderings (Techie Alert)

Let’s Get Simple!

When I started developing and publishing websites all the way back in 2000, then you have to either code the pages in HTML yourself or use one of the products such as Microsoft FrontPage which did the coding for you. Microsoft FrontPage was deceptively simple and if you could create a Word document you could indeed create a webpage.

FrontPage has now gone out of fashion because the code that it writes is not based around stylesheets (CSS) and so it creates a lot of code for a website and therefore it looks bloated and slow and doesn’t rate very well with Google. (Although some people still use it for simple sites and simple editing)

So we now move on to either mastering Dreamweaver (or some simpler free WYSIWYG editors) or we jump right in with WordPress which we are told is the favourite of Google (all hail Google!) This of course is based on the assumption that we want to rank highly for our SEO endeavours and that you are not driving traffic via other routes.

There are however alternatives to WordPress using similar CMS architecture (content management systems) and one that I have just started to look into is called Get Simple.

So why do you ask, should you be interested in using the open source, and therefore free, CMS website builder Get Simple (or any of the other is that are available) well the answer is that get simple is as the name would suggest very simple and therefore whilst it is not as flexible and customisable (if that’s a word) it is very simple and quick to set up it is also very efficient at SEO and the sites it produces load very quickly (obviously important these days when we are all targeting the mobile market).

I have just started to play with Get Simple and I will update you after I have had chance to have a proper play next week but my initial impression is that the developers claim, that it is the simplest user interface does appear to be true in that it seems very intuitive to use and overall it feels like a finished product. It also comes with 2 templates but more are available by searching on Google, plug-ins and all that good stuff.

So my conclusion is that should you be new to Internet Marketing and are just looking for a quick and simple setup, (if only on a “get you going basis”) and this might be worth a look. This is not a blogging tool but suited to general brochure sites etc. (it can be used as a blog by adding a plugin)




You may not be aware of it but last Thursday and Friday there was a huge attack by over 100,000 independent I P addresses trying to access WordPress login files on all servers across the world. These attacks were trying to gain access to your WordPress installation and infected with malicious code.

Whilst we perhaps sometimes overlook the security on our WordPress sites there is a very simple way that we can restrict the access for alteration purposes to our site to be from only one IP address (i.e. yours) and that greatly increases your security. (This of course would be another argument for using systems like Get Simple as they are much smaller and under the radar of the toerags that right the malicious code)

The following is courtesy of D9 hosting (who we recommend for hosting with very fast UK and
US servers)

Locking down your WordPress admin area so that only you have access to it is a great, easy to implement way of increasing the security on a WordPress based site. Simply follow the instructions below to allow access to the WordPress admin area for your IP address only.

1. Find out what your IP address is by visiting

2. Edit the .htaccess file in the directory that contains the WordPress site you wish to access, and add the following code to the bottom of the file,
replacing the red text with your own IP address

<Files ~ “^wp-login.php”>

Order deny,allow

Deny from all

Allow from x.x.x.x


If your ISP has provided you with a dynamic IP address (one that changes regularly), you can either manually update the code to include your new IP, or you can use the syntax found in this guide to allow a range of IP addresses,

You can request a static IP from your provider for a nominal cost (I think we pay £2 per month extra to BT)


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled
for Friday April 19 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

Manchester Internet meetup

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coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

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So two months into 2013 and I can’t believe it…….!

Where did those weeks go to? Every week I tell myself what I am going to achieve and before I know it, it’s Friday!

Note to self: time management planning needs addressing and I need to be accountable. So best intentions to try harder [am sure I’m not on my own with this issue].


Yahoo name



One of the best things that I like about being an Internet Marketer is the flexibility, the choice of when and where you wish to work.

It gives us all the opportunity to spend time with family or friends and work when the kids have either gone out or have other things to do.

As for location, basically it enables us to work anywhere in the world with an internet connection….that’s just got to be the absolute best possible scenario for productivity and satisfied, happy employees…hasn’t it?

Well to say I was somewhat taken aback with the latest news from Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer who aged just 37 has instructed all Yahoo’s telecommuters to report back to their office and work only from there from June.


Her reasoning being that ‘speed and quality are often sacrificed when we work at home’ and she believes that whilst homeworkers are usually as productive as those staff that worked at the office, they are missing out on interacting with their colleagues and therefore not being as creative as they could be!

Surprisingly Miss Mayer has herself recently become a mother, she took just two weeks off work [incidentally she worked from home whilst on maternity leave] and she has constructed a purpose built nursery to look after her five month old son adjacent to her office.

Wonder if she will open this facility for all other mothers!

Seems in my opinion to be a backward step and could possibly alienate the wonder girl who cut her teeth at Google!

On a final note when Miss Mayor was interviewed just two months ago in respect of her priorities in life, she listed them as: God, family and Yahoo in that order J


Google name



Would you believe it……..Sergey Brin the co-founder of Google has admitted that mobiles are anti-social!

Whilst he acknowledges the huge benefits they bring us, he is somewhat disappointed that we seem to have created an addiction similar to smoking!

Breaking news is that Sergey has just announced the use of ‘Google Glass’.





They incorporate a small computer, camera and wireless facility which will give the user a ‘heads up display’ – which they can voice activate…….can’t wait!


facebook name


Profits recently announced from FB exceeded original forecasts which resulted in a net profit of £41m [4th quarter] which also saw it exceed one billion users.

As you would expect their revenues have gone up around 40pc with advertising becoming the main source of revenue at £840m…pretty good for college boys!

This just knocks the theory that accessing FB from your mobile would have had a negative effect on advertising income.






Apple however haven’t achieved the profits they’d hoped for, in actual fact they came extremely close to posting its very first dip in profits in more than a decade as sales of their new iPhone 5 failed to meet expectations.

However it did manage to sell 47.8m iPhones in the quarter………………..nice!

All isn’t bad Apple also shifted 22.9m iPads which achieved their forecast.

apple 2

As you would expect chief executive Tim Wood was ‘thrilled’ with the figures.

Apple’s sales have suffered due to it’s rivals such as Amazon, Samsung and Google have all launched cheaper alternatives the iPhone and iPad.

And in November Samsung gained bragging rights as they sold 18m Galaxy S3 to Apples iPhone 4s 16.2m L


Apps – Buyer Beware!

After last months article on Apps just heard that a five year old British boy ran up a whopping £1,700 bill on his dad’s iPad.

They assumed that the game he was playing was free [Zombies v Ninja] unbeknown to them though  by pressing a shopping trolley icon he was offered the chance to purchase extra ammunition…..what boy wouldn’t?

The good news is that Apple have since refunded the full amount, but as previously stated be aware!


Who are you in bed with? (Techy Alert)

That might seem like a strange question for a Internet marketing newsletter, although as you might have guessed it’s perhaps not what you first thought of!

I recently moved the hosting of my wife’s website and subsequently had problems with the email delivery from the email accounts associated with that domain (that being that they were bounceback saying that the email address or IP was on a blacklist). Now my wife goes about her business sending 2 or 3 emails a day and certainly does not spam. So I assumed that her account must have in fact and set about resetting the password and the usual tricks and notifying the various spam filters that the account was clean, a job in itself.

My wife continued to have problems even though I had messages back saying that her email address have been blocked but there are emails were still at best ending up in people’s junk/spam folders and at worst not getting through at all.

Now let me roll things back slightly here, whenever I take out a hosting account I always pay the extra for a unique IP address.

I set about investigating further and decided to see what other websites were hosted on the same IP as my wife’s website (this should have been six sites).

To my horror I got varying results up to 350 sites including several “adult” sites. As you can imagine I was not best pleased. Whilst I have taken the matter up with the hosting company who eventually after several goes admitted that I was paying for a unique IP address but that my account had been set up incorrectly. I wonder how many people have a check that they are getting what they paid for?

My account has now been moved to a unique IP and all is well.

Now whilst my ramblings related to email delivery Google also take into account your bedfellows when deciding on your ranking and suitability. So if your website is hosted on an IP with a load of spamming sites in Google will put you in the same bracket as it’ll just make it harder for you to get rankings and traffic.

I have listed below some brief resources so that you can check out your own IP and whether it is clean or not.

Resources at the end. All free.


Tim Ferris Blog

Tim Ferris Blog



I am a big fan of the four hour work week by Tim Ferris, mainly because it made a lot of sense and the idea of a four hour work week greatly appeals.

I recently came across Tim Ferris’s blog and I have no idea why I did not go looking for it before!

There are many great posts on their which would be well worth you having a look.

One for inspiration is one of the several case studies that have been done on people who are living the for and were work week lifestyle the latest one by a family with three young children. If they can do it surely you can?

Tim Ferris Case Study

Best Plugins to use on your blog

How to build a high traffic blog without killing yourself (video presentation)

But I was always beware when you get into this block it can be a great distraction and stop you from achieving your goal and generally take your eye off your focus so please use sparingly and selectively


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday march 2nd 2013 at The Castlefield Hotel, Manchester.

march meetup

Informal friendly meeting, open networking from 12.30hrs two course lunch 13.30hrs with a further networking opportunity afterwards, coffee served in the lounge area. We invite you to come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information and meet new contacts.

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Reverse IP Checkers

Good site with feedback on possible doggy sites

Comprehensive list of sites on your IP

lots of info but only 25 results (on free account or 10 without loggiing in) less returns but more info on each

if you don’t know your IP find out here

or Good site

Enter you domain in this one. Lots of info and advice but very techy, best avoided unless you know what it all means, otherwise it will concern you unnecessarily.

Spam email checker

OK but not comprehensive


The Internet Millionaires Club



Templates for ready made websites that sell

If for those of you that did not take up our member Tahir Shah’s fabulous offer of unlimited number of the fully optimised websites package that includes
• 50+ squeeze pages
• 100+ built in video player
• video squeeze pages
• thank you page creator
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• PDF instruction Creator
• unlimited usage
• no monthly fees
• automatic link creator
• 6 monetisation methods
• high video control bar
• auto page redirect
• multiple submit buttons
• add Facebook comments
• tracking script and much more

all for a one off fee (at the moment),

Then you may be interested in this Word press plug-in performs a similar function for a one off fee of $7. It is a great plug-in and well worth the money (note it goes up to $17 by 2pm EST tomorrow 22 January so you need to act quickly) it does not have the video pages and auto create pages that TLC platform has but it does have with just 7 clicks is
• Professionally written sales letter (split tested over a million dollars in sales)
• High converting optin form
• Pre-made legal forms and pages (no installation required)
• Video replay pages
• Download pages
• Webinar registration pages
• and much, much more
the video sales pitch for this is 6 min long and well worth a look at Paper Template
If you are serious about getting started in Internet marketing then you will need all the help you can get! Both these products do a fantastic job of helping you to develop a website that creates tried and tested sales pitches for conversion.
The TLC platform is by far the better product but if your finances cannot run to the one-off payment of$47 at the moment then I suggest you take a look at Paper Template which represents great value for the next 24 hours at just $7.
Both products have video squeeze pages TLC platform is 20th long and paper template is just 6 min long. And I would encourage you to click on the links below and watch the two presentations before the prices go up.



 You choose

Good luck and best wishes.



So here we are January 2013 already nearly one month into the New Year and like every business owner we all should be taking a close look at our goals and where we want to be come the end of December.



News from Instagram which [incidentally is now owned by Facebook] that they have changed their privacy policy in respect of ownership of any photographs uploaded:

To help us deliver interesting paid or sponsored content or promotions, you agree that a business may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you.”

Nice move!

 Facebook Photos

So in other words any photos you post to Facebook and you by accepting their terms and conditions relinquish all rights of ownership which allows facebook to use them in any way they see fit and cash in, without any payment to yourself of course.

You may just want to re-think what pictures you actually upload to their site in future.


4G Connection

The UK government have opened up the bidding for the next generation of mobile phone signals with applicants submitting their bid together with a £100,000 deposit.

We expect Everything Everywhere, O2, Three and Vodafone to be the main contenders which will enable them to offer their own customers lucrative contracts which will enable Internet at home broadband speeds to their mobiles.

 First Broadband

The results are expected in March and according to Ofcom they expect the sale could raise £3.5 billion.

We are told that download speeds could be seven times faster than currently available through the 3G network and comparable to domestic services.

All we have to do now is wait for the deals to come from the suppliers and decide whether we as consumers are prepared to pay a premium!


Traditional Retailing

I guess its no great surprise to hear of a couple of UK based ‘traditional businesses’ calling in the Receivers, Jessops [electrical suppliers]


and most recently HMV  the record store have suffered due to the current economic climate. Read more here on this story.


Therefore just to reiterate the competition that the high street is up against, statistics published recently indicated turnover was up in the UK by around 0.3% whereas internet sales achieved an increase of circa 18%…… surprised!

E-books continue to grow whilst ‘real books’ appear to have fallen around -4.6% ………..could it be all the ladies who bought the epic selling 50 Shades of Grey, not wishing to advertise to the world what they were actually reading on their commute to the office!

As for food shopping in the UK one of the big ‘four’ posted poor results and it would appear they seem to lay the blame on the fact that they don’t operate an Internet shopping arm and home delivery service….how long will it be?

This Internet thing is just a passing fad that will disappear!


Internet Marketing

Update on our training…..WIP to be continued!


Apps – Buyer Beware!

Free Apps are causing concern for some parents as their children are using these games such as Racing Penguin, Angry Birds & Zombie Takeover.

Whilst they are offered as ‘free’ they are plagued with adverts offering incentives to ‘get deeper within’ the game by purchasing coins or greater power to enhance the game.

This is then charged to the credit card used to register in the first place, generally an unsuspecting parent….be aware!

As you would expect Apple when questioned on the subject confirmed that its software offers the option to opt out off these purchases.



How about this for great marketing.

If you wanted to buy an ebook for a Christmas present for a Kindle in the UK well you can’t.

Huh….you can purchase a gift voucher and give that, but you can’t actually choose an e-book and send it to someone else’s Kindle, unless that is you live in the US.

Come on Amazon how difficult can it really be?



Amazing how a simple idea can generate so much traffic [cash].

Moneysupermarket the price comparison site continues to flourish in these tough financial times.


The company expects to post double digit growth and profits for last year. Revenues will have increased by 15% to £204.4m with core earnings achieving a 15% increase to £66m.

And all this from a site to save its customers money and to assist them in researching the best deal….awesome!


Meet Up

Just to remind those of you who are based in the North West UK [or indeed anywhere if you don’t mind travelling] our monthly Internet Meeting is scheduled for Friday January 18th 2013 at Dukes 92 Manchester.

Meetup Jan 2012

Informal friendly meeting starts around 12.00 at the bar then we generally have lunch from 13.30 [January offer…..50% discount off the food] opportunity to meet some great folk, come along you might actually enjoy it and get some great information/contacts.

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Paul’s Pondering

 We all tend to get tangled up on WordPress these days and think that it is the only way to make a website and sales platform on the internet.

There are of course other platforms and other ways of doing it and perhaps this is the time that we looked at alternative ways and sales Platforms as sooner or later Google will (if they have not done already) recognise that Internet Marketers are just using blogs (just because we know they are favoured by Google) for marketing purposes and are therefore start de indexing promotional blogs.

One of our own members has come up with a product which is called TLC Platform and that stands for Total Lead Capture. What the software does is create a website for you fully SEO optimised with all the pages that you would want to do a product launch, promotion, product delivery and much more, with loads of different ready-made designs and templates for you to pick from and lots of useful pre-configured options just by a click of a button.

The site is based around using video and is therefore fully optimised and includes video players.

I have purchased the software and can fully recommend it to you if you are involved in any way promoting and selling products on the Internet be that your own products or affiliate promotion.

At the moment the software is on offer as a launch promotion for a one-off fee, which is surprisingly low (I won’t give the game away!) Rather than an annual subscription you would expect for a product like this.

So to take advantage of this offer go to the site now and watch the video which is 20 minutes long and can give you far more information than I can in this newsletter. You won’t be disappointed.


 The Internet Millionaires Club